Allocate $HYDRA from the DAO Fund to grant new projects to build on Hydra blockchain.

Proposal: Allocate $HYDRA from the DAO Fund to initiate and grant new projects to build on Hydra blockchain upon the implementation of HydraGon.

The DAO will conduct a formal voting process to determine project selection, taking into account their nature and proposals. The assessment will be centered on discerning the mutual long-term benefits that both the blockchain and the respective projects can provide to one another.

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I like the thinking but oppose granting free money to companies/projects that will ultimately succeed just by joining the ecosystem.
1.) I believe hydra’s built in staking incentives would serve those projects well over time in its own outright.
2.) Also, I feel that once the hydra community ecosystem grants money to any individual/developer/project, we would be essentially married to them in a financial relationship whether they succeed or fail and “IF” they fail we will all surely feel the consequences.
3.) Just too many variables to consider in general, how much, what kind, are there legality issues, moral concerns of project, etc.

too many problems could arise
Just one person’s thoughts though.