Support Candy for their support of Hydra

I would like to make this proposal.

As we all want more projects to join Hydrachain I would like to allocate a fund of Hydra from the Dao to Candy. This could be done in 2 ways.

  1. The Dao buys the token to support Candy now.
    If Candy is going to be a succes, the Dao profits by having the token, that can be sold at a given time to fund the Dao again. For this I would propose 50000 Hdyra.

  2. The Dao gives Hydra to Candy over the period of 4 years. No tokens in return. Candy now has a motivation to also drive the price of Hydra as they will be given Hydra every year as long as the project is active and is on the Hydrachain. Criteria can be set. I would like to propose 20000 Hydra each year. This would result in 20000 Hydra now, with a max of 80000 Hydra in 2028. Price now becomes important. Imagine a price of Hydra $25 in 2026, that would mean $500.000 for Candy. That should work as a good motivator for Candy and lays the foundation for a long relation.