4th option of saving marketing budget for later use

I would like to propose a 4th option when voting for the marketing budget.

The 4th option being saving the percentage that this options gets for a later date. So that this higher budget can be spend on marketing that costs more money. Like famous KOLs with lots of followers. The marketing agencies we have now can come with options. This way we set aside an amount of Hydra every month, so that we do start with Hydragon, we can start with a bang.


That is certainly a good idea Higher tier influences have a higher impact I assume than many small ones. It does help to find hydra at many places for building trust over a long period what the current strategy is doing, however I do see the advantages of a well respected youtuber talking about us. For example Ivan in tech I respect and like myself and I would be thrilled of someone like him or similar standing would talk about us. I am sure many higher tier YouTubers that could have a real impact are out there.


I was also brainstorming in what way the marketing budget could be more valuable and effective. The budget should not be devided in to small budget portions.
A certain budget is needed for marketing to be more effective. To give more value to the marketing budget, I would like to propose adding a criteria for eligibility for allocating a marketing budget. I would like to set the minimum budget to be received to be $10,000. In case an agency, after a round of voting, does not achieve this minimum required budget, the budget it did achieve could be divided proportionally among the agencies that did met the minimum required budget in the same round of voting.

But we can also combine this proposal with the proposal from Jvw. In case an agency does not achieve the minimum required budget, we will save this budget, achieved by this agency, to a “savings account”. Once this “savings account” reaches an amount of, let’s say $35,000, we distribute this budget as an extra marketing budget to our voted favourite marketing agency, to spend on the highest tier infuencers/KOL’s.

I would also like to hear from the agencies what budget is needed to be able for working with highest tier infuencers/KOLs.

If I understand correctly, the concept here is to allocate a % of the marketing budget and transform it into a mini stablecoin treasury, which can be secured and allocated, but not utilized until it reaches critical mass, powerful enough to grant support from Tier1 KOLs?

The idea is interesting. One of the risk is uncertainty in the general agreement from Tier1 KOLs.

Also the current agencies already have Tier 1 in their list, and the same effect could be achieved through closer work with them, and allowing them higher flexibility (e.g. collecting 2 months of budget, to be spent for less assets that may have higher impact per asset.

May be worth getting some of the agencies on board of this discussion to see how they feel about it.


My idea was if there are 4 options. And the 3 marketing agencies get 20% 30% and 30%. The saving option gets 20% as well. And the percentage is done via normal voting. Then after, when there is Tier 1 money, the agencies can come with ideas. Of course it is also possible that for a few months the savings option gets the most votes. Lets say 50% or 60% of the budget per month.

I would like to see some budget saved the next few months , so when Hydragon is released, we can market it at Tier 1 KOLs. And I hope that way kick start it.

This method surely sounds interesting in my opinion. I think 10k is a bit much considering our budget, but something to that effect

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I agree, the 10k is maybe to high in this stage. But of course, the minimum budget can be determined

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So overall the idea is sound in my opinion. As Erwin mentioned, very small budgets are not that effective in terms of value.

Will need a bit of thought to manage the eligibility criteria, because if we keep the amount fixed, and if we have more agencies competing plus a “Park for Later” option (We have more coming in for the next round), then high chance of too many agencies getting disqualified in my opinion.

I think that’s a great idea. Not only would it allow us to explore power-plays as you mentioned, but potentially also improve efficiency of the spending depending on the particular options available for voting.

Also gives us additional flexibility in terms of timing. What I would recommend though is to still liquidate the saved amount according to the usual schedule, in order to avoid pent-up liquidations at the moment when the DAO wants to use it for a bigger campaign

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I think it is also better to liquidate somewhere during that month. Otherwise sellingpressure will be higher when the money is needed…

To clarify: Which month are you referring to?
My idea was to do it every month based on the allocated %

Yes we think the same… if for february 30% of the votes go to the save it for later option, that 30% will be liquidated that month and keep it in stablecoins.

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If anyone else has any additional input, ideas or confirmation to contribute to this topic, this would be the right time to go about suggesting as we have 8 / 9 days remaining for the next Voting process to begin :smiley:

We should not have more than 4 marketing companies competing otherwise the budget has to be split too much. 4 will become 3 soon enough and then we can add another one off of a “waiting list”.

The 4th option is not an extra agency, it is saving the percentage voted for ( x amount of Hydra ) for later. So in the future you can have a campaign that cost more. Like a more expensive KOL.

I understand we want an option to save but you do know that we have 4 marketing agencies already competing and Myra mentioned a new one wants to join in. This is too much. We shouldn’t allow another company in until one has been eliminated.

Hey everyone! so based on the above discussion, I’m summarizing what HIP-2 for the upcoming period will include, besides the regular vote for the marketing agency allocation

  1. First point is to add an option to “Save for later”. Whatever amount is allocated to this bucket, will be reduced from the existing budget to the existing efforts done by the marketing agencies and instead will be saved for later use on power plays (High tier 1s, alternative marketing ideas etc.), whenever we deem fit.

    We can raise a separate proposal / vote for what this amount will be used for

    This option will be excluded from the minimum threshold and disqualification criteria

  2. Second point is to change the minimum threshold to something better. Will include this as a vote to the DAO community where everyone can Vote what threshold is deemed fit.

    Practically speaking, this threshold should not be above 10k, so will keep an upper Limit of 10k in this vote

    DAO members can vote by sending an amount between 0.01 to 1 Hydra to a designated address, where each 0.01 Hydra is $100

so for example

  • a DAO member votes 0.5, the threshold preferred is (50 x 100 = $5,000)

  • a DAO member votes 0.7, the threshold preferred is (70 x 100 = $7,000)

    All votes will be collected and an average mean will be drawn. For instance, the average mean of the above example would be $3,500.

    Let’s keep it as a one time vote which will apply to current and future marketing budgets, and if it is needed to be changed some time in the future, then we can do a similar vote again. Exponentiating formula will apply as usual.

Related to both points above, any amounts allocated to marketing agencies that are disqualified in a particular period due to the threshold, will be proportionally allocated to all qualifying options including the “Save for Later” bucket.

Thank you all for participating in this discussion! I think it was quite productive :slight_smile:


Hey everyone! The Vote concluded yesterday and results shared. Sharing it here too :slight_smile:

Save for later budget has begun and is currently at $17,392 starting from this working period.

The new threshold has now changed from $2,000 to $7,200

Once again, thanks to everyone for sharing your ideas and participating on the HydraDAO! :raised_hands: :muscle:


I want to express my congrats to the community for coming forward and not only being critical and reflecting on the outcome of the trials so far but also for being constructive in re-allocating the budget for being saved for later purposes.

Building up a stablecoin-based marketing treasury has a double effect.

  1. It acts like potential energy , where any sold HYDRA is stored and it is waiting to be converted into exposure at some point into the future. This on its own may have a buildup anticipation effect within the core community, as the stronger the treasury becomes, the higher the potential energy is. In the same sense, having a public and trustless e.g. $500,000 marketing budget in stablecoins, may be perceived as a competitive advantage compared to other DAOs and digital assets in the same market cap category as HYDRA.

  2. Storing it and investing it once it reaches slightly higher critical mass could potentially unlock more impactful services and/or partnerships with Tier 1 service providers and professionals in the industry.

I strongly support the Save option as it creates a perpetual competition even to the best-performing service providers in the marketing framework. It also solidifies the consensus within the community of the fundamental importance of having a dedicated emission-based budget for exposure.