Vote for your Favorite Marketing Agency - February 24 / March 24

The DAO has completed another month of marketing activities with 4 partnering agencies voted in by the community who have been helping with Hydra Chain’s awareness efforts. As the two-month working period is ending soon, it is your turn to vote for your preferred agencies, thereby directing the budget to be spent efficiently.

Based on the community comments on a DAO post created by DAO member jvw, we are adding a few new options / rules to the Marketing Budget Proposal for review and voting.

1. Adding a New Option of “Save for Later”

This option intends to save a part of the budget for later use with bigger budget Tier 1 KOL’s after the HydraGon mainnet is launched.

It should be noted that any amount allocated to this option will reduce the working budget for our existing awareness efforts with the current marketing agencies that you vote for.

For the purpose of clarity - existing efforts include Tier 1 / 2 assets on PR media, YouTube, Twitter, targeted PPC traffic, Quests etc…

It should also be noted that any budget allocated to this option would allow for future power-plays with top tier advertising and KOL’s, while being flexible in terms of when this budget would be used. The budget could also be used for alternative marketing avenues, if supported by the DAO.

To avoid any last minute liquidation and speculation in the market, the percentage allocated to this option will be liquidated to stablecoins at any point during the course of the working period and saved for future use as would be determined in a future proposal / vote by the DAO community.

This option is excluded from the minimum threshold and disqualification criteria.

2. Changing the Minimum Allocation Threshold

Based on observations from the community and while working with multiple marketing agencies simultaneously since the past few months, it has been noted that small budgets allocated to any agency provides a very small bandwidth to work with good Tier 1 / 2 KOL’s and media.

Therefore, except on a few occasional cases, the small budget spent may potentially not be as valuable and effective as it should be. So considering the above it is proposed to change the minimum threshold for allocation of the budget. The DAO community can share their preference / view on what should be the appropriate threshold via a vote.

Max possible threshold should not be more than $10k. It is proposed that everyone casts a vote depending on your preference for the threshold.

The range of Hydra to be sent to the voting address is between 0.01 to 1 Hydra, where each 0.01 Hydra = $100

For example:

  • a DAO member votes 0.5, the threshold preferred is (50 x 100 = $5,000)

  • a DAO member votes 0.7, the threshold preferred is (70 x 100 = $7,000)

All votes will be collected and an average mean will be drawn. For instance, the average mean of the above example would be $6,000.

This vote to change the minimum threshold is a one-time vote that will apply to the current and future HIP-2 addendum proposals, until the DAO community deems it necessary to revisit the minimum threshold topic in a later period

Note: Any amounts allocated to marketing agencies that are disqualified in a particular period, will be proportionally allocated to all qualifying options including the “Save for Later” bucket

Note: The exponentiating formula will apply as usual.

Vote for February 24 / March 24

Place your vote for the monthly budget allocation of the four agencies that compete for providing services under the pre-approved Marketing DAO Framework !

  • Snapshot Time: January 25, 23:59 UTC time

  • Voting Start: January 26, 00:00 UTC time

  • Voting End: January 31, 23:59 UTC time

The allocation for the previous working period of December 2023 + January 2024 was as follows:

  • AtoZ-PR → 36.60% → $12,444

  • Collibri Group → 7.23% → $2,459

  • Cryptic → 8.01% → $2,723

  • ICODA → 48.16% → $16,374

The DAO now has the chance to re-adjust the budget allocation for the months of February & March. For that purpose, simply vote for your preferred marketing agencies by sending a total of 0.1 HYDRA to the respective wallet addresses (during the voting period!):

Every DAO participant has a total vote of 0.1 HYDRA available, which should be casted to the voting addresses of your favorite agencies (you can split it per your liking, as explained here). The 0.1 HYDRA vote will map your entire voting weight (from the snapshot) proportionally to the agencies.

Note: The exponentiating formula will apply as usual.

Summary of Agency Activities

The summary report of agency activities can be accessed through the links below:

Change of the Minimum Allocation Budget

To change the existing minimum threshold from the current $2,000 to something more appropriate as determined by the DAO community.

As explained above in Point 2, please send an amount between 0.01 to 1 HYDRA to the wallet address below, to choose the minimum Threshold


As always, thank you for participating and we can’t wait for the next wave of marketing activities!


Hello hello :slight_smile:

As we’ve previously described our ideas for February and March, we would like to offer fresh ideas and a different approach

The main focus can be built on creating a multifunctional bot in telegram, which can include gamefi elements, but not limited to this. The functionality will be selected with priority on the basic step-by-step actions that a new user who comes from traffic must perform and bring maximum value to the community. What are the possible options? Test the testnet, download the wallet and top up the balance and hold Hydra for a while for a certain token distribution. If we talk about the game, then participants can receive coins while playing in order to exchange them for Hydra later. Plus, there is no chance for bots in this case, since there will be a special tracker that will track the availability of the wallet and the positive balance of Hydra, there is no such thing on the sites where we previously conducted quests in the last campaign except for downloading the wallet.The main task is to make the most exciting quest so that new participants are motivated to become part of the Hydra family in the long run. You may have already heard about Notcoin - but let’s say that there is another idea of the project. But the bottom line is that the participants perform actions and the community grows. This bot can be made essentially as the main core for subsequent marketing activities where we can also set up traffic and bring subscribers from telegram ads, posts in crypto public sites where there is a suitable audience of crypto enthusiasts, and this will also be convenient for usability and transitions since your main community is in telegram.

And of course, the second stage will be to attract traffic from KOLs on which you want to spend your budget. It is possible to consider, for example, 1-2 top bloggers and see the reaction. Not all good top bloggers undertake to make videos about the crypto project. But by developing the case with the quest, we can motivate some top KOLs to participate in the quest too and become a participant themselves more than just get money, make a video and say bye. Moreover, as I said, our colleagues from other agencies can promote the quest through their resources, since we are engaged in one thing to promote the community)

Also, from the new one, we suggest testing Shorts videos on a regular basis, these may be simple native videos that mention Hydra stacking and ways to simply earn, etc. You can make your own Hydra youtube channel and we can post 1-2 short videos per day. Shorts videos attract a lot of traffic. 30-50 videos per month - 3000-5000k is a very rough calculation

Here you can see an example of a telegram bot Telegram: Contact @community_bot

The cost of the bot’s work will vary depending on its complexity and functionality, if there is another game built in, then to put it very roughly $ 4000-8000. The price may also include advertising in telegram ADS

One of the bloggers with whom we can discuss cooperation
I must say right away that such bloggers charge a lot and the price is always individual. Whether it’s a series of short integrations or a whole big separate video about the project. The price order is about 10-15k

Promotion in telegram channels: telegram ADS or individual posts
The budget can be around of $ 3-4 and above

We have painted an approximate gameplay with a focus on community development. We will prepare a more detailed calculation later

Pls share your feedback!


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Hello guys! I’ve already written how we see HYDRA progressing in the next two months in another thread, but let me repeat it here as in a more appropriate thread.

We remain committed to implementing the banner promotion prepared two month ago and are optimistic that the DAO’s increased support this month will grant us the necessary budget. With additional resources, we can enhance the quality of our services significantly. However, in the event that the DAO prefers a social media promotion strategy, we have a well-thought-out Plan B. Our alternative approach involves shifting our focus from YouTube videos to dynamic Telegram and Twitter communities, specifically targeting regions such as Korea, China, and Japan. These markets house robust crypto audiences actively participating in diverse projects, creating vibrant and engaged investor communities.

Hi, everyone, from ICODA web3 marketing agency!

This offer is aimed to achieve the following goals:

  • Attract a more natural and engaged community, fostering the usage of products in the HydraChain blockchain ecosystem.
  • Increase the number of HYDRA token holders.
  • Utilizing top-tier influencers to attract users and establish trust in the brand.

= = = = = =

As a marketing agency participating in a tender for a marketing agency selection, our proposed marketing strategy for the upcoming period is as follows:

  1. Top-Tier Partnerships and Blockchain Integration: We aim to establish top-tier partnerships across various ecosystems such as DeFi, GameFi, and others, similar to our collaboration with Intract (0.5 million Twitter followers). Our goal is not just to form marketing partnerships but also to integrate the HydraChain blockchain into other decentralized products. We aspire to position HydraChain as a viable option alongside other blockchains like Polygon and Fantom, especially following the implementation of HydraGon. For instance, we have already secured an integration of HydraChain into the AlphaGuilty platform as an additional blockchain option. We believe that the more platforms adopt our blockchain, the greater the growth of our community will be.
  2. Engagement with Tier-1 Twitter Influencers: We plan to continue our strategy of integrating with top-tier Twitter influencers, similar to our previous collaborations with personalities like Crypto Tony.
  3. Traffic Campaign from Crypto Platforms: We have been successfully driving traffic from various crypto platforms, including,,,,, and, among others. Currently, more than 30% of our traffic comes from these sources and this is just the beginning. We consider this an essential tool for maximizing reach and attracting users.

Since the inception of this strategy in January 2024, we have already observed significant growth, with an addition of o over 1600 users in our Telegram group and over 1800 users in Twitter as well, more than 1100+ new wallets in the HydraChain blockchain. This strategy aims to further expand our user base and strengthen the presence of HydraChain in the market.


Hello again, everyone! Earlier, we described the main concept of the new advertising campaign for February: Shorts video, multifunctional quest bot with gamefi + telegram ads. We have described in more detail how Shorts and Bot will work in the file, please read the detailed plan and what it will bring. We also attach a draft example of one of the shorts videos that we made for Hydra :slight_smile:
Marketing plan for February_March (1).pdf (84.9 KB)

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Where do you see the 1100 more addresses ? If I go to the block explorer chart of address growth I see in januari from 14031 to 14206. So that was my main concern which didnt get a clear answer before in the DAO. But maybe I am looking at the wrong chart ?

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These are the actual wallets created in January from “ALL” of $Hydra’s marketing efforts.

Jan 01 2024 - Jan31 2024

  • 14,032
    175 new wallets this month!! January 2024*

Another number that is more important in my eyes:::::::::::::::::::star_struck:
$HYDRA Holders are slightly over 6254 wallets at this exact time!

*Data taken directly from explorer!

This link does not work from my end.

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I absolutely loved the telegram bot idea. If we use it to both engage in promotional activities, and also as an informative asset, it could be well worthy. Most new members have the same questions which could be solved with a bot, and in an attractive way, through challenges.

I also like a lot the short videos idea. Most of the videos we’ve seen are too long for people to hold interest until the end. Short videos talking about very specific topics, like Lydra, staking, delegating, inflationary and defletionary mechanisms, etc, could work much better.

I have the same issue

We see it in our internal report that over 1100 new wallets have been created. We randomly selected 10 wallets and found them in the blockchain:


Likely, the count is only for wallets with a balance, but we are still verifying this. I will get back to you when we have all the necessary data. We try to gather all new wallets in one place as well.

Let me clarify this point. There was a discrepancy in our accounting methods. Our approach was to account for every newly created wallet, whereas hydrachain blockchain’s statistics only include new wallets that have received a balance. While a portion of the wallets we checked manually did have a balance, not all of them did.

We’re currently awaiting a response from Intract, but their response times can be somewhat slow.

Nevertheless, we’re pleased to have a clearer understanding of the data and metrics that are available for us to use.

Hey, HydraChain members!

I wanted to share an update on the strategic initiatives we’ve undertaken this past month.

  1. Top-Tier Partnerships and Blockchain Integration: Our focus has been on forging significant partnerships within diverse ecosystems. Notably, we’ve achieved key integrations with Dormint and TaskOn, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards widespread adoption and utility.
  2. Engagement with Tier-1 Twitter Influencers: In our quest to amplify our presence and reach, we’ve strategically aligned with leading Twitter influencers in the crypto space. A highlight of this initiative is our collaboration with Helin Ulker, whose insights and influence have been invaluable in broadening our visibility and engaging a wider audience.
  3. Traffic Campaign from Crypto Platforms: Our efforts to drive traffic from renowned crypto platforms have been met with success. Platforms such as,,,,, and have been instrumental in our strategy to expand our user base and solidify HydraChain’s market presence. These campaigns are a testament to our proactive approach in navigating the digital landscape to foster growth and engagement.

As we move forward, we remain dedicated to exploring new opportunities and leveraging our strengths to make HydraChain a leading force in the blockchain space.


Good day, everyone!

We would like to share a report on the work completed in February and March and present our plans for the next period.

P.S. Despite more than half of the budget being allocated to the save for later fund, the overall increase in new users and new wallets is at a relatively good level.

We would be happy to answer your questions :slightly_smiling_face:


This is good.

For the next phase where HydraGon testnet would probably be active, I think we should put most of the budget in twitter and maybe some YouTube, instead of Telegram. This is mainly because I think your selection of Twitter Kol’s are good and have relevant audiences. or if you can share more details on the telegram campaign then that would be better.

So basically I agree with the two points and focus funds on this. Also of course to add some facts about HydraGon in the content.

  • Conduct a Twitter campaign highlighting the potential increase in the token’s value.
  • Organize a YouTube campaign discussing the expected appreciation in the token’s price.