Hydra DAO Core Marketing Program Launch

“When marketing” has been a persistent question in the Hydra community.

Our team has always strived for a responsible and balanced approach of putting value and product development at the focus.

The issues that were identified with the Qtum based HYDRA have become a limitation in the past, due to the inferior conversion ratio of pretty much all attempts to expand into cold audiences.

The difference in solidity version, the need to downgrade, the unconventional wallet periphery, and the lack of access to hardware wallets…were all issues that stacked up and were making experiments ineffective.

This has lead to a situation where focusing on the solutions to these problems had to come as a prerequisite before returning to a successful trial-and-error approach. Otherwise it would have translated to irresponsible spending, causing unnecessary inflationary pressure, with potentially limited returns as growth and adoption.

Hiring new agencies, trying new strategies, boosting exposure via new means…these are all instrumental things that need to be a fundamental aspect of Hydra’s operations, in order to ensure its wellbeing.Just like staking is instrumental in securing the infrastructure, a small inflationary budget needs to be allocated to empower Hydra to have a stronger voice in the blockchain industry.

Given the approval of HydraGon, the restraints and the concerns for inferior conversions are mitigated and we believe that marketing activities can begin with a strong focus on the technical strengths of the new protocol.

Project HydraGon L1 and Project Prometheus can be the spearhead of an extensive on-going campaign.

The potential timeframe that will take for the deployment of HydraGon is fairly short ( 6 optimistically for test-net and up to 12 months pessimistically for main-net) and should not pose challenges to new users as this falls well within normal turnaround times for new technology launch in the industry.

As a result of all of these factors, we propose allocating a $34,000 budget per month for stimulating marketing exposure.

This includes, but is not limited to

  • Social media promotion
  • AMAs
  • KOL / influencers content syndication
  • PR and editorial publishing to quality crypto media
  • growth hacking and guerilla marketing
  • other activities that may help or support the efficiency

The current mint rate, when broken down into the strategic aspects of the development of the ecosystem as per the Hydra whitepaper are as follow:

Staking: ~82,350 blocks per month * 6.23 Hydra per block = ~521,275 HYDRA
Liquidity incentives: 24,000
Marketing, Communication and partnerships: 0

This translates to:545,275 HYDRA emissions per month with distribution:

  • 95.6% for Staking and securing the infrastructure
  • 4.4% for Liquidity
  • 0% for Marketing and Communication

It is very important to consider that the emissions for staking benefit from auto-compounding and a large percentage of the community does not effectively release the full amount into circulation. But still, the share of distribution is clear and needs improvement.

While the new model of HydraGon should handle excessive inflation in unsuitable conditions for staking, nevertheless, at present, the current setup neglects marketing and communication.

This being an issue, also should also translate to a big room for improvement, because, with an insignificant change in the emission structure, the ecosystem could benefit from marginally improved resources for marketing.

With just 34,000 $ equivalent, the underlying marketing budget would translate to ~28,000 HYDRA per month which should be sufficient to employ 2 or even 3 agencies that may complement each other by focusing on key areas in which they are particularly strong as expertise and area of operations.

If this is implemented, the new distribution will be:

From previous 545,275 HYDRA emissions per month to new → 573,275 HYDRA per month

  • 91% for Staking and securing the infrastructure
  • 4.2% for Liquidity incentives
  • 4.8% for Marketing and Communication

According to Chapter 2 of the DAO framework, there should be clear KPIs for the services that are provided, with diligent reporting.

Also since new inflationary spending applies price pressure on HYDRA, each hiring should be extremely carefully managed to ensure it brings at least a reciprocal deflationary demand via onboarding new community members and stimulating adoption.

Each month to be evaluated, before next month payment to be allocated. And in case a service provider underperforms, the contracting to be terminated.

Our team has undergone a number of experiments in the past, and the individual performance of these tests were not very convincing. Also, it is difficult to have a direct measurement of the impact, because not all activities result in direct traffic.

This proposal is for creating a continuous campaign that would effectively retarget cold audience via systemic communication. The rationale behind this is that the “journey” of a community member does not happen instantly, and multiple exposures could be required for a cold member to engage with the project. The subject of the experiment would be to evaluate whether continuous exposure would compound an effect at the latter stage of the campaign, opposed to individual isolated activities.

Shortlisted Agencies
We’ve communicated with multiple agencies, and have narrowed down the selection to 3, which seem to focus on different areas.

This proposal should be perceived as a marketing framework, and if deemed necessary, any of the agencies can be replaced with a different one.

Agency 1
Collibri Group → https://colibri-group.org/
Their proposal is structured as principle price list with-> Hydra comprehensive marketing offer - Google Docs

With stated strengths for KOL and social media posting. Also owners of Coindar and capable of syndicating some partnerships through their extended network.

Agency 2
Atoz-PR → https://atoz-pr.com/
Principal Price list → HYDRA PR - Google Sheets

Agency strengths are PR, Editorial materials publishing across a wide network of media as well as KOL.

Agency 3
Cryptic → https://crypticweb3.com/

Agency claims various fields and has focused more on organized twitter campaigns. Has provided principle offer which is being provided here for reference:

:gem:Diamond Package (10M+ Followers) - $15,000
(sample accounts from the package…
:dove: Drake Bell (https://twitter.com/drakebell?s=21&t=3bvhkVc1f8h4auc3pKaajw)
:dove: BSC Daily (https://twitter.com/bsc_daily?s=21&t=3bvhkVc1f8h4auc3pKaajw)
:dove: Crypto Tony (https://twitter.com/cryptotony__?s=21&t=3bvhkVc1f8h4auc3pKaajw)

:cyclone: Cryptic Twitter Campaign

Ruby Package (250K+ Followers) - $2,500

(sample accounts from the package…
:dove: Cryptic Maestro (https://twitter.com/cryptic_maestro?s=21&t=3bvhkVc1f8h4auc3pKaajw)
:dove: Cryptic (https://twitter.com/crypticsmma?s=21&t=3bvhkVc1f8h4auc3pKaajw)

The budget allocation
As a start, the following allocation to be distributed among the three companies:

Colibri Group : $12,000 → focus on TG growth, AMAs and KOL
Atoz-PR -: $12,000 → Focus on PR and editorial publishing
Cryptic: $10,000 → focus on Twitter promotion, AMA and content syndication

Terms of payment
50% Advance, in HYDRA for first month, translating to a total risk of $17,000.

After deliveries are made for first month, the subsequent payment will be made and an eventual continuation of the long-term campaign will be made.

At the end of each month, each representative of each agency will be required to provide a report with all executed activities, so that the community can review and decide if performance is justifying the matching inflation.

Adjustments to the budgets can be made in favor of the agency that performs better, and stimulating a fair and competitive microenvironment among the three agencies is among the priorities of the proposal.

This way each agency will be incentivized to provide maximum effort for securing a higher trust and higher allocation from the DAO.

As with all payments, budgets to be considered in fiat equivalent and paid out in HYDRA according to the market rate. For the purpose of avoiding misunderstandings, the community should expect service providers either to micro-liquidate or to fully liquidate the remitted amount in order to secure the runaway for their operations and to be able to meet deliveries according to the terms of their proposals.

Since the scope of the offered services are quite different and the possibilities are diverse among the portfolio of the agencies, the execution will be focused first on picking a specific plan that the agency would believe to be offering the highest probability for impact. Then as data are gathered, decisions will be made on how to modify, polish and/or alter the plan.

So it is important to retain flexibility for micro-control within he provided services, while working closely and leveraging from previous experience of the agencies.


First! :nerd_face:

Starting some marketing a few weeks(or maybe a couple of months) before the launch of HydraGon sounds good.


Exactly! Just before the hydragon deployment with an EVM compatible chain :star_struck:


I would love to see a HydraGon YouTube channel that explains Hydra in a whiteboard style manner. Hydra is getting more and more complex, and to also onboard people who are in the beginning of investing, it might be good to have something like that.


This is a good point, and may be worth its own separate project, where a service provider is hired to create explainer videos.


I like on YouTube Whiteboard Crypto. I just looked again, he might be a little less active as before, but his way of explaining is very good I think.

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Max Maher would also be a good idea. That’s where I originally learnt about Hydra :slight_smile:


I mean a YouTube channel made by Hydra. Where they explain how to stake. Explain Lydra. Give some possible strategies you can have with Lydra. Vesting explained. And risks of course involved. How to use the wallet, safe sending ect. ( of still the same later with Hydragon ) Dao. Ect ect.

Max you pay and he does a 1 time video. But doesnt explain it for dummies. If you do a whiteboard style video, its more for dummies. My friends who invested are not the crypto people who know it all. And after all, the biggest group are still the newbies who have not invested. If you tell them, how to , and what it is in a simple manner, you might have a new investor and enthousiast, who then acutally knows what he is investing in. And not just because a friend or neighbour told him.


Yes makes sense, that would be a good project / proposal for Hydra to have it’s own YouTube Channel with explainer videos :+1:

My reference to Max was more of an independent KOL for this current proposal, although his reach is limited to YouTube and I don’t think he’s in the list. Making a follow-up video from him would be nice


I did not know this channel but this is something that Hydra community need


I am an investor of Hydra Chain project and I’ve been daily following the progress of it since my very first investment in December 2021. My due diligence consist of several points that I consider crucial when it comes about investing, partnerships, use of services, but not limited to.

In the next paragraphs you will find what is my opinion on these 3 agencies and their services and how we should approach the matter for an efficient marketing strategy and less risk. Before we dive into that I would like to show how I explore/research, and I will present to you as a use case Locktrip entity, and how I did gain trust from this team.

Personal Motivation

  • Privacy policy on both websites, Hydrachain.org and Locktrip.com, where we can see very clear the UIC nr.
    Check Bulgarian Registry Agency for public legal documents: EPZEU
  • Public team with full names and personal linkedin profiles
  • Whois domain database
    Creation date of the websites
  • Telegram comunity
    Professionalism, relevant content, no bots, genuine interaction between users, etc.

Marketing agencies evaluation

Agency 1 risk evaluation
Collibri Group → https://colibri-group.org

  • privacy policy/registered entities not available :x:
  • public team :white_check_mark:
  • personal linkedin not available :x:
  • Domain creation Date: 2020-01-23 :white_check_mark:

Agency 2 risk evaluation
Atoz-PR → https://atoz-pr.com/

  • privacy policy/registered entities not available :x:
  • public team :white_check_mark:
  • personal linkedin :white_check_mark:
  • Domain creation Date: 2020-11-23 :white_check_mark:

Agency 3 risk evaluation
Cryptic → https://crypticweb3.com/

  • privacy policy/registered entities not available :x:
  • public team not available :x:
  • personal linkedin not available :x:
  • Domain creation Date: 2022-09-28 :question: :question:

Offers evaluation

Strategies that bring GENUINE curiosity from potential investors, projects and new users:

  • all types of KOL, where we get exposure and genuine connection from users. :white_check_mark:
  • media publications and all sorts of press release on relevant websites. :white_check_mark:
  • airdrop offers to incentives real users to engage. :white_check_mark:
  • no comment for events but not against it. :white_check_mark:

Strategies that bring void results with lack of genuine user behaviour:

  • artificially methods to pump metrics on social media that could potentially make it even worse :x:
    (See example: Ruby Package (250K+ Followers) - $2,500)
  • stimulating chat activities with the use of bots and fake profiles :x:
    (I mentioned some of the examples on tg group, I don’t want to insists on that)


Agency 1 and Agency 2 are in my opinion more legit and possible less risky to start with. Me personally I wouldn’t even touch Agency 3. Traffic geo-zones should be discussed further more with aim on well balanced ratios. No comment for the budget. Stay away from shortcuts and artificial strategies that can bring more harm than good.

The research could be deeper on the agencies and their work for a better understanding of their position on the market. You can consider my reply just a first glance opinion.


Thanks for your input. We do share the same observation, which is why the third agency has a slight handicap on the allocation (10k instead of 12k)

We could either increase the initial handicap or be more critical of it with each consecutive review of its performance. The takeaway is that no matter what each agency presents or communicates, it will all come down to whatever trial and KPIs are evaluated. And I am confident that 70% of the things initially planned will be restructured based on data and findings.

What is more important is to decide on the framework.

  • Having 3 or more agencies competing among themselves for a higher % of that allocation
  • deciding on the inflationary budget, as that has direct impact on the economy
  • having clear and transparent pricing from each provider with clear idea of what services it can provide us with
  • professional reporting

Don’t think marketing should kick off with spending, go with the free channels first, rather reward those to content creators on community based contests. Starting off with YouTube and twitter

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This could generate some content, but it would likely have low reach to external audiences, because community based accounts have very low exposure in general. This of course is just an opinion.

We also need to consider the level of expertise in community to create professional content.

May be worth a standalone proposal for content creation and to do a trial campaign. There was a suggestion from another member related to creating professional explainer videos.

We could bundle them together and make a sprint that is focused on building more content as supporting materials to whatever marketing we decide on as core strategy.


I dont think in the current stage our community by itselfe can have a big impact on marketing. Just look at the twitter activity for example. Every HydraChain tweet gets max. 5 likes and 5 retweets… thats nothing. Where’s our community?

Professional marketing is essential imho, combined with the power of the community (if the community wakes up) we could have an impact. We should start with the 3 agencies (or other,better agencies?) and evaluate the data and performance after 1-3 month and decide if we keep it or change it


I find it difficult to determine the best marketing strategy. To think about this, I notice that I don’t actually know what exactly is the purpose why and when marketing would be started. It is not entirely clear to me what the purpose of marketing is. Sure, more awareness of Hydragon, community growth, Hydra to $100,- ?..What do we want to achieve with marketing? We want to promote Hydragon. But what is the main goal, who is the target audience ? Can someone explain this more please ?

Meanwhile I found the “about the marketing proposals” which clarifies more the purpose of marketing. :+1:


I used to follow him as well, however I would disagree. I do like the way he explains and how charming he is. However I feel like he only wants to talk about crypto in bull markets. I am thankful he got you here though as you are a true asset of our community! However I did not think he went very deep into hydra and only talked about hydra having the highest APR at kucoin if I am not mistaken? I actually joined his patreon for a while to see if I could interest him to take a deeper look into hydra than just the surface, but was unsuccessful. (It did get some of his patreon members interested reading along)

Crypto related finance on youtube I think is really good is Ivan on Tech. Even though he speaks most about general market sentiment and the biggest events affecting the market overal. For example SEC right now. At the end of his video’s he does include some more unknown coins however sometimes too.


I would love marketing to start but I have to admit that I am no marketing expert to feel confident enough to have a real strong opinion.

What I wonder is: how effected marketing will be in a bear market and if it would not be more effective when hydragon is actually ready to easily onboard/move over new projects? Could waiting to deploy those resources have its benefits?

Of course we could start it and see how it goes. I have nothing against that.

Then thinking about it from the other side: I joined LockTrip and in extension hydra because of a facebook campaign in 2017 and then LockTrip was still nothing more then an idea we could invest in. No platform or even many hotels onboarded yet. So thinking about this it could have it positive effects of course. However this was in a bullmarket.


You can consider 4chan advertising. Reaches millions of people in suitable demographics. Should be relatively cheap and continuously ongoing.

Are any of the Hydra/Locktrip team members or employees involved with or apart of any of these three companies?

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