Airdrop - Pre Launch HydraGon

This is a simple idea for the DAO to allocate a budget for an Airdrop for the upcoming launch of HydraGon.

A dedicated webpage where people can enter to receive an airdrop. Perhaps by doing some simple task as sharing a post on social media.

All agency’s can use this as part of their marketing and influencers hired by the agencies can share this information, to engage their viewers.

This is a common activity that can be beneficial to gain extra interest for HydraGon Pre-launch.

I hope the agencies can comment and perhaps come with a suggestion how this could be achieved.


If performed well this can help indeed get lots of exposure. Even with small amounts per task. Just make sure we can exclude bots somehow.


Nice idea, @SamNuru!

I’m Vlad from ICODA marketing agency. Let me add a comment.

Nowadays this is a hot type of promotion. If you know, this is what did, Notcoin (coin in Telegram) and one of our clients Over Protocol

Btw, we’ve organized a similar campaign -
As a result, +800 TG members, 430+ new wallets. We can confidently assert that these are real users, not bots. The process of downloading and creating a new wallet is complex and unlikely to be accomplished by automated bots.
But what’s most interesting is that the growth of our community gives us the opportunity to partner with larger projects.


How much hydra would be needed for this to work out well?

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