Vote on the Marketing Budget - June 24 / July 24

The DAO has completed another period of marketing activities with the agency partner chosen by the community, who have been helping with Hydra Chain’s awareness efforts, and the DAO saving part of the budget for later use during the launch of HydraGon.

As the two-month working period has ended, it is your turn to vote and re-allocate the budget between the agency’s current efforts and the savings fund for Tier 1 awareness activities in the future.

Vote for June 24 / July 24

Place your vote for the monthly budget allocation between the partner agency and save for later, under the pre-approved Marketing DAO Framework !

  • Snapshot Time: June 06, 23:59 UTC time
  • Voting Start: June 07, 00:00 UTC time
  • Voting End: June 12, 23:59 UTC time

The allocation for the previous working period of April 2024 & May 2024 was as follows:

  • Save for later → $19,919
  • ICODA → $14,081

The DAO now has the chance to re-adjust the budget allocation for the months of June & July. For that purpose, simply vote for your preferred marketing option by sending a total of 0.1 HYDRA (Split voting possible) to the respective wallet addresses (during the voting period!) :

Every DAO participant has a total vote of 0.1 HYDRA available, which should be casted to the voting addresses of your favorite agencies (you can split it per your liking, as explained here). The 0.1 HYDRA vote will map your entire voting weight (from the snapshot) proportionally to the agencies.

Note: The exponentiating formula will apply as usual.

Summary of Agency Activities

Please note that there were no awareness activities conducted in the month of April, as we decided to wait until the release of the new Website.

The summary report of the agency activities can be accessed through the link below:

  • ICODA → Summary Report

  • Save for Later→ Explorer path $42,067 saved till date with ~ $32,555 pending to be saved. Pending conversions will be done in the following weeks and saved.

As always, thank you for participating and looking forward to the next wave of marketing activities on the run up to the launch of HydraGon!


If anyone would like to contribute to the planning of our Marketing efforts with any ideas, then please shoot me a DM @planetoid or can share here too!