Allocate part of the marketing budget to Kucoin campaigns - HIP2

How many of us that have been with the project for a while, heard about Hydra for the first time in Kucoin, when it used to appear highlighted in the old Staking section? I’m guessing a lot.

Now that the first vote for marketing agencies finished, and one of the agencies got disqualified, why not take the opportunity to allocate a fixed part of the marketing budget to Kucoin campaigns?
This could be something like 25% or 30% of the monthly budget, and it could be used to promote Hydra in the Finance section of Kucoin, where all the other staking projects are listed, as well as promote Hydra in the GemBox that appears on the opening page, or even as an initial popup, when a user starts the app, or opens the website. It could also be used to promote special and time limited events, like the ones we had in the past where Kucoin distributed some bonus randomly between all Hydra buyers/holders, which could be used to increase Hydra staking rewards up to 100% + normal rate during a period of time.

It all depends on the costs of each type of campaign, but I really think this could be very effective.
Besides, Hydra is currently available in a limited number of platforms, and this would be targeted directly at crypto investors, in the main CeX where the project is listed.


Each month, apart from voting on which marketing agency has performed better, the community could also vote on next month’s Kucoin marketing campaigns. Something like:
October 2023 Kucoin marketing budget allocation:
1 - 200k views GemBox
2 - 1 month Kucoin Finance “Featured Section”
3 - 200k prints popup
4 - 2000 100% extra staking bonus distribution valid for 7 days

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I like the idea and it might be more effective than random Twitter posts. But maybe this should be spared until the transition to Hydragon to create some bigger excitement around this event.


I think this is a fantastic idea and do not see a reason to wait. Real hodlers looking for their next gem might be in kucoin. Why not use being listed at a higher tier exchange as marketing as well. The more people in the space hear about us before we go back up in price, the more willing they will be to jump in once things do get a lot interesting again.

Any idea what kucoin als for costs to do this? Would we need the team for this as they are the contact persons for kucoin?

Could someone from the team comment on that?