Address growth vs budget spend

What is the general idea about how succesful the marketing campaign have been so far in attracting new people to Hydra?

What does the team look at?

If I look at the number of addresses I cannot see a big change, or even no change at all in growth compared to the months prior the start of the campaigns. From june till sept 6,56 addresses where added every day. From sept till end of dec 6,14 addresses are added every day.

Are these addresses new people, or excisting people using Hydra and creating new addresses?

In the last period I added some for example when Lydra came out and was shifting Hydra to new mobile wallet address…I believe marketing is needed. Is the $134K that has been spend so far worth it ? Or do we need to rethink how to tackle this problem?

Price did go up from the low. But more chains have shown a +100% + 200% or +400%. from prices a few months ago…

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I do see a lot more activity in our telegram group. People asking questions about hydra and making it look like they own hydra. Could it be that many are still at kucoin? Or do kucoin holders also cause an extra address to be generated?

I suggest after Hydra and Lydra are bridged in ETH, we can spend some marketing fund on the ads in DEXTOOLS. top trending coins received alot of attention and random meme coins there have higher market cap then Hydra and Loc. i feel exposure over there is great

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Great insight! That happens indeed a lot.

I would like to pause marketing at least until the new website is launched and all logos across platforms are updated. I am a bit disappointed with the broken logo at the hydra app. Personally changing only the logo at all platforms even without the new website could have happened by now in my opinion.

Things like a broken picture somewhere matters to potential investors.

To be fair, in my view, the desired result has not been achieved so far. But I am in favour of continuing the marketing because continuous awareness creation is an important part of survival in a fast moving competitive crypto market. Hydra itself is responsible for continuesly high-end competitive development. The marketing agencies are appointed to promote these developments. Which strategy is most effective is up to the marketing agencies. In the latest marketing proposals there are marketing agencies claiming good results about some strategies. Haven’t noticed this as we speak.

It is difficult to measure what the results are the last 4 months. What do we know ?

$134K has been spend from the DAO fund.
No change in growth of addresses

More Telegram users, but declining because of bots

How much are we willing to spend per new investor ?
Do we need to rethink the appoche ?

Hold marketing but keep selling Hydra every month to have a bigger budget when Hydragon goes live and you have something to show ? Like the new website, details about validator, great return on vesting

Hire a marketing pro to do more in house ?

Or keep doing what we do now ?

Personally I dont see any value in articles on sites with no traffic for example.

You see how difficult it is when even Crypto Tony tweets, with many followers, but also not much of a reaction.

I have no clear answer what to do as well, so I hope we can think of something together.


I have the same sentiments that maybe we press pause on the marketing or maybe a different approach tailored to rich countries. At this time……all “ALL” exchange options directly ban US Citizens and some others from using it. That is unfortunate for our growth. I know we have a bridge & Low liquidity Dao, but we need more viable options to get rich countries access to this.

I thoroughly believe in Hydra and its fundamentals but could be much stronger if we had Easier, more secure, more reliable, more trusted exchanges offering it.

We need to Advertise to the Whole World when the Whole World can join it worry free.

I apologize if i am coming across harsh, i am just trying to be direct, professional, and precise.


Hi all! Agreeing with @Jvw I’m struggling to find positive results with the marketing campaign.

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I think YouTube videos brought a lot in the beginning where there were a lot of videos reported, but the biggest problem is that all YouTubers have several hundred thousand subscribers but it’s all fake, all comments 99% and all likes 99% and clicks are not real I would rather be on YouTuber relate who maybe have 10,000-50,000 subscribers but a real community. I think that would bring a lot more, at least when the new website comes along then a lot more work would have to be done on the videos


@Jvw thank you very much for creating the topic, in my opinion, it’s very timely.

We are ICODA marketing agency. Although we only started working in December, we’ve already held many internal meetings and brainstorming sessions on how to grow the community now and it seems that we need to use more non-standard marketing moves (we have many ideas on how to do this post-HydraGon launch, etc., but I’ll describe thoughts on what can be done right now).

Globally, we see potential in increasing traffic and new partnerships. What exactly?

  • Integrating HydraChain into other products like DeFi Lama (here we describe how to partner with Alpha Guilty, Interact, etc.)
  • Partnerships with other communities, becoming friends with them, exchanging retweets, etc.
  • We still believe in native Twitter influencer integrations.
  • Attracting traffic.

If we have 10+ new partnerships monthly from different communities, support from Twitter influencers, and integration into various solutions - we’ll gain both wallet growth and new users.

P.S. By the way, take a look at the plan for January, especially the part with AlphaGuilty, Intract

We really see huge potential in this for new partnerships, integrations, etc. Interested to hear what you think about this.

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It sounds good. A different approach, what I like. The articles dont do much I think. And so far the YouTube reviews also have not done a lot…If you have warm relations with that AlphaGuilty I think it is worth to try…Thanks for your responds.

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Friends, if you don’t mind, I’ll put in one’s two cents.

I understand your concerns about the effectiveness of PR and it’s absolutely normal and great that we can brainstorm to find the best solution

To be honest, as an agency that has been working with you since the beginning of the summer and has been doing a certain scope of tasks to increase awareness, we are also interested in new creative approaches and do not want to get hung up on articles and KOL since it is more about recognition. Of course, some articles and bloggers are not a panacea, since the driver of the project is the community. Also, do not forget about new promotion formats such as shorts video. Viral videos and other AI tools

For example, at the moment we are working on an offer for you that will include a certain number of video shorts throughout the month. These can be simple videos with a clear guide for 30 seconds, for example, how to make money on stacking, but absolutely understandable for a crypto enthusiast. As a rule, shorts take a large reach, which means we will be able to attract more people. We will definitely prepare a more detailed offer. Under each video, we can post a link to a telegram bot with a quest and a community. it would be nice to make your own youtube channel

As for the promoting of the community, in my opinion, this is definitely should be advertising in telegram. Creating quest bots and shilling through high-quality KOL. The quest will also include simple actions, download a wallet, buy HYDRA, staking, etc. for rewards

Of course, partnerships with projects and cross-PR will great, for this we need to discuss which projects may be suitable for the Hydra community :slight_smile:

And so I would consider focusing on promotion in telegram with new advertising tools + Shorts video