Vote for your Favorite Marketing Agency - December 23 / January 24

Another period of marketing activities has concluded and we are glad to see so many new assets created as a result of it. Now it is your turn by voting for your favorite agencies and directing the budget to be spent efficiently.

This time we also want to introduce a formality rule that would add further transparency to the operations of the marketing framework. Let’s get into it!

1. New Formality Rule

We want to propose a new formality rule regarding the corner case of the potential re-admission of previously disqualified marketing agencies. This rule aims to improve transparency and clarify the conditions for such a situation.

The proposed set of rules:

  • Item #1) An agency that gets disqualified by not meeting the $2,000 minimum budget threshold will be prohibited from participating in the next vote

  • Item #2) If the cooldown period as described in item #1 has passed, the disqualified agency may be re-included in any future voting period, under the assumption that a convincing argumentation was shared as part of an official statement by the agency, including:

→ Self-reflection on previous shortcomings that lead to the disqualification

→ Learnings taken and improvements planned for future campaigns

→ Proposed plan for the next working period

  • Item #3) An agency that gets disqualified for the second time will be considered permanently banned

2. Re-Admission of Cryptic Marketing Agency

The marketing agency Cryptic was previously disqualified by the DAO, as it did not receive sufficient funding to continue. In an official statement (as per the newly proposed formality rule #2), Cryptic provides sufficiently reasonable arguments to be re-admitted as part of this voting round.

Below is the full statement:

Please note that this re-admission is only valid if the DAO approves the proposed formality rules.

3. Introduction of ICODA Marketing Agency

We are happy to announce that a new marketing agency is entering the race!

ICODA has been in digital marketing for more than 10 years. In 2017 they started to focus on the blockchain and crypto industry by leading complex marketing campaigns for a wide range of crypto businesses. As per their own statement, ICODA takes a data-driven approach to marketing and campaign strategies.


In Principle Offer:

Vote for December 23 / January 24

Place your vote for the monthly budget allocation of the four agencies that compete for providing services under the pre-approved Marketing DAO Framework!

  • Snapshot Time: November 24, 23:59 UTC time
  • Voting Start: November 25, 00:00 UTC time
  • Voting End: November 30, 23:59 UTC time

The allocation for the last working period for October + November 2023 was as follows:

  • Atoz-PR
    79.44% of the $34,000 pool = $27,010/month
  • Collibri Group
    20.56% of the $34,000 pool = $6,990/month

The DAO now has the chance to re-adjust the budget allocation for the months of December & January. For that purpose, simply vote for your preferred marketing agencies by sending a total of 0.1 HYDRA to the respective wallet address (during the voting period!):

Every DAO participant has a total vote of 0.1 HYDRA available, which should be casted to the voting addresses of your favorite agencies (you can split it per your liking, as explained here). The 0.1 HYDRA vote will map your entire voting weight (from the snapshot) proportionally to the agencies.

Note: The exponentiating formula will apply as usual.

Summary of Agency Activities

The summary report of agency activities can be accessed through the links below:

Approval of the Proposed Formality Rules

By voting for the agencies, it is assumed that you approve the introduction of the three new formality rules (as described earlier in this post). If you don’t agree with this change, then please send an additional 0.1 HYDRA to the wallet address below, in order to vote against it.


As always, thank you for participating and we can’t wait for the next wave of marketing activities!


Hello Everyone,

I’m Victor from ICODA, a seasoned crypto marketing agency with a track record dating back to 2017. Over the years, we’ve successfully collaborated with industry giants such as PrimeXBT, 1inch, Phemex, OKEx, Floki, FileCoin, and more.

Our proposed strategy revolves around a keen focus on influencers with authentic audiences and top-tier media in the crypto space, emphasizing organic content. By aligning with influencers who genuinely connect with their audience and leveraging impactful crypto media, we aim to create a strategy tailored to your goals.

Anticipating significant market excitement from positive events like the ETF on Bitcoin, Halving, BTC price surges, and more, we are well-positioned to harness this momentum to drive substantial growth in your organic community.

Looking forward to the results of this vote


Dear friends!

Thank you for participating in the voting and your feedback also will allow us to form an advertising campaign:)

Our team would like to share our vision for the December and January marketing campaign.

As stated earlier, in recent months we have done work with the placement of native articles, video reviews from various bloggers, this allowed us to collect a certain critical mass for the recognition of the project. The work continues, we want to come up with something new and not get hung up on the old methods of attracting an audience and for our purposes now switch from quantity to quality KOL + to explore and apply new videos of the Shorts format using AI, for example, it can be a short video with killer features that should get a wide audience coverage. Thus, we want to focus on high-quality video reviews from KOL tier 1 and experiment with the distribution of viral videos in the shorts format, which will allow us to focus on a wide audience coverage.

Your feedback also helps us to select some KOLs that you like best. Some of the KOLs that we discussed with you and have not worked before, we would try to cooperate in the upcoming campaigns for December/January.

I will repeat the approximate gameplay for December/January:

  1. Today we have come to the fact that we already have a critical mass of video reviews from various bloggers. And as was mentioned, for next campaigns we will focus only on youtube/twitter KOL (Tier1).
  2. We would suggest testing the placement of posts in telegram groups in the new campaign. Now we are already making a selection of channels.
  3. We can also try posting articles for traffic on a regular basis.

It’s like an idea: 1 / 30 articles within two months

Each article will be sent to the DAO Times subscriber base (about 500)

Each article will be shared via the Twitter of this media and the Twitter of their founder 1 1

There will be such an announcement or similar on the main page

text 2

Each article will be reposted / with getting into all these feeds


Headlines | News | CoinMarketCap

Headlines by CoinMarketCap brings you the latest crypto news, Bitcoin news, blockchain news and project signals in the cryptocurrency space.

Cryptocurrency updates from projects across the web

See the latest cryptocurrency updates from projects in all sectors of crypto, such as DeFi, Play to Earn, GameFi, NFTs and more.

Mobile App Headlines News

Most of the articles will compare the Hydra project with the leading cryptocurrencies in order to also get into the most popular news feeds on Coinmarketcap, which are tracked by most traders.

For example, a comparison with Bitcoin will allow you to get into this news feed:


Bitcoin price today, BTC to USD live price, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap 1

The live Bitcoin price today is $37,115.41 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $20,964,673,507.21 USD. We update our BTC to USD price in real-time.

Minuses: since there will be a large flow of articles, we will not be able to regularly check the draft before publication

  1. As suggested earlier, but it will rather concern January, we would make a video with AI technologies. Shorts video - for mass distribution. For tier 1 KOL - We will entrust the video reviews, and the AI in the Shorts video format will take over the mass videos of wide coverage.

Briefly about the offer for December and January:

  1. Youtube, twitter KOL Tier 1 only (+ suggested KOL from community)
  2. Daily articles with frequent mention
  3. Posts in telegram public
  4. Creating and pushing Shorts video AI (by the end of december or in january)

Let us know about your thoughts, questions and wishes for next campaigns

AtoZ-PR team

Thank you


I totally agree with this vision, and personally think the coinmarketgap bet is great. I would also love to see something in CoinGecko. A banner or a news article, if possible.

Just keep up the good work, and exploring new ideas and channels, please.

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Hello everyone,

We’ve put together a special offer for December with the goal of significantly boosting your project’s awareness and providing top-notch leads. We sincerely value the trust you’ve placed in us over the extended period of our collaboration. In recognition of our long-standing partnership, we’ve crafted something unique and distinctive—going beyond the ordinary realm of KOL marketing that any agency can offer.

Our proposal involves the implementation of a targeted Hydra banner campaign spanning across 100+ major crypto websites, with a dedicated budget of $12,000. In an ideal scenario, we anticipate achieving a CPM of $6.00, generating 1,666,666 impressions, achieving a CTR of 0.80%, attaining a CPC of $0.75, and securing an estimated 13,333 clicks.

We kindly request you to review our proposal and share your valuable feedback with us. We look forward to hearing from you soon.



Impressive list of websites to publish the banner. If it gets the attention of a tiny part of the potential investors that will get to see it, it would already be a great success.

Let’s wait and see the demo for the banner in some of the mentioned formats, and if we manage to get an attractive final product, this could be a very effective campaign.


Hello everyone!

To have a somewhat steady structure in place with regards to timelines, campaign deliverables and to accommodate any discussions in between, I’ve shared the below with all participating agencies which they will follow and communicate with us on this thread on a regular basis.

  1. Agencies to pitch tentative campaigns of what can be done in the following month or 2 months, in the new Voting proposal between 25th to 30th of the month

  2. By the 1st or 2nd of the month, the DAO / DAO Secretary will share a Marketing Brief including any particular narratives / planned events on Hydra Chain

  3. By / before the 5th of the month, agencies to share a definitive campaign plan for the month based on allocated budget. I think 5 days should be sufficient to plan out the month, however can share earlier too

  4. Members of the DAO along with me will review the shared plans by around the 7th of the month based on any particular narratives / planned events on Hydra Chain shared by the DAO or DAO secretary earlier

  5. Begin work on campaigns as per plans finalized and make changes on a rolling basis based on feedback from the DAO if applicable

  6. Share progress report of running month’s campaigns by the 23rd of each month by Noon UTC. This can include ongoing running campaigns even at the end of the 2 month working period.

  7. Every 2 months between 25th to 30th is the Voting Period for Budget allocation, so we move back to point 1 in this list

For this Bi-monthly period I have already shared a Marketing Brief for this month, to which we (The DAO) can add / edit based on any additional new events.

Could all the marketing agencies @Nthony777 @ICODA @Dmitry @Luc please share your plans for this month / bi-month on this thread today. Thank you!!


Dear DAO community,

Pls, check our plan for December. Our offer provides for the placement of articles during December/January. All details described about it in PDF. And also, we have selected several twitter KOLs who, in our opinion, fit the category of trading. We have selected several youtube bloggers to choose from. I hope you like our selection. As always, we are glad to receive your feedback :slight_smile:
December marketing campaign_ AtoZ-PR.pdf (64.2 KB)


Seems awfully expensive with some of these video segments. Id prefer articles with a focus on being one of the best staking coins. Including a guide to how the new works to maximize staking APR.


Hello from the ICODA Web3 Marketing Team!

Here’s a rundown of our comprehensive strategy:

  1. Public Relations Campaign: We’re launching an aggressive PR campaign, targeting both Tier-1 and Tier-2 media outlets. Our articles will be featured in prominent publications such as TechBullion, Coinmarketcap and many more. This widespread coverage is designed to elevate our visibility and reach across a diverse audience.
    We plan to engage the audience with compelling topics like “top staking protocols” and “top promising blockchains”, aiming to attract a more extensive community and more tokenholders.

  2. Twitter Influencer Collaboration: We have carefully selected 7 influencers, each boasting over 100,000 subscribers, based on their quality and reach. Our strategy includes encouraging these influencers to follow Hydra’s Twitter, aiming to significantly boost the account’s Twitter score. The promotional approach will be organic, akin to a friend recommending something they genuinely appreciate because this is the best way to attract audience :slight_smile:

  3. YouTube Influencer Strategy: Recognizing the challenges in this space, particularly with the prevalence of fake followers and comments, we have chosen one YouTube influencer known for their real and loyal audience. This influencer creates just one video per month (really good), ensuring that our message on Hydra Chain stands out and doesn’t get lost in the noise. Their genuine engagement and our internal due diligence affirm the effectiveness of this choice. Just look at the comments and hot discussion under ever video.

  4. Bonus: Paid Traffic Campaign: As an added initiative, we plan to launch a paid traffic campaign using platforms like Google, CryptoNetworks, and Meta. This campaign, although time-consuming and challenging for us, on the other hand is aimed at significantly boosting the Hydra Chain community. We’re confident in the potential of this approach to scale up the number of Hydra Chain token holders.

We’re excited to embark on this journey and look forward to seeing the positive impact of these strategies on the growth of Hydra Chain! Here you can see all details of this campaign - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Best regards, The ICODA Web3 Marketing Team


Hi everyone active in the DAO community,

Here’s a consice overview of our marketing strategy plan spanning the months of December and January, of which the exact dates and details can be viewed in the attached Google Docs sheet.

  1. Twitter Space AMAs + Telegram AMAs: One of the most profound and exciting ways for new members to join Hydra’s community is being able to interact with our external host and ask their questions directly to the experts in the field. Our Twitter Space AMA will provide new and existing members to get to know the project better while reaching a big part of their target audience. Telegram AMAs provide Hydra with the same benefits as our Twitter Space AMAs and makes sures no one from the community is being left out from attending an exciting AMA. The host which organizes and manages the AMAs is an external, fully independent of our company, who studies the project in depth who will be able to answer all the questions.

  2. Youtube Influencer: Every video Tyler Hill delivers his audience with a detailed and tailored due diligence on a promising project. Tyler Hill has an organic and loyal audience which he delivers with profound and promising analyses on a regular basis. Hop in and watch one of his videos so you can already get a taste of his upcoming video on Hydra.

  3. Reddit Campaign: We all know that Reddit belongs to one of the top media when it comes to Crypto. Perhaps you yourself started investing in Crypto because of an interesting article you came across on the platform. Our Reddit Campaign ensures trending in the Hot Section and Top #5 Trending.

  4. Telegram Call channels: Call Channels have a lot of traffic on them and shed light on promising upcoming projects and providing their community with relevant chart updates and crypto news. Call Channels are full of investors waiting to invest their money in the perfect project, contributing to their success and becoming a part of their team.

We’re excited to start our journey together and leave our mark. Here you can see all details and dates of our marketing strategy plan as mentioned before - Marketing Campaign - Hydra - Google Sheets


Hi Jim. I totally agree with you in terms of what should be the focus of the videos, but I wouldn’t change the investment in quality over quantity. So I don’t see any problem with the budgets, since this are premium channels.


Hi Anton. Seems like a good solid plan. About the last option you mentioned, I would go straight to the Healthy Pockets one. It has much more followers and a recent video explaining how to do staking, and it’s contents are really quality ones.

Just a side note about Luiz and all other contents you mentioned in Portuguese: the language is Brazilian Portuguese, so it’s actually not correct to point it as Portugal. The target is over 214 million people (Brazil), and not less than 11 million (Portugal).

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I dont think premium channels are worth it at this stage. Hydragon isnt out yet. No new website yet. And who knows what the agency commission is on these?? Besides, these big money influensers couldnt care less about their paid ads. While smaller influencers might actually take more interest since they arent rich from all ad revenues and long history of trading.

Ok. I respect your opinion. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the quality issue.

About Hydragon, and the current moment, please understand that the decision is between investing 2500 in 2 tier 2 influencers, or 5000 in a tier 1. Or event 1000 in lower levels one. That has nothing to do with the amount being invested, and even less with the budget being used by the agencies

I think this approach is perfect. Keeping it natural and organic is the best way and is something that I’ve shared in previous posts :+1:


The same vision :slight_smile: thank you for your ideas, appreciated.

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This one looks impressive. However I want to see other marketing agencies looks promising and looking forward for them all!


Dear DAO,

I sincerely apologize for our recent silence. Unfortunately, I was in the hospital for the last two weeks, which hindered my ability to communicate with you promptly.

We are genuinely grateful that you have chosen us again for the upcoming months. However, we regret to inform you that implementing any of the previously proposed strategies is currently unfeasible due to budget constraints. Despite this challenge, we are eager to present an alternative plan that we believe will be the most efficient way to promote HYDRA over the next two months.

Our proposed plan is as follows: we aim to pool the budget for the next two months and invest in a single prominent Key Opinion Leader (KOL) instead of dispersing the funds among several smaller KOLs with potentially lower engagement. To facilitate this strategy, we have prepared an offer featuring some of the best KOLs available at a cost of around $4,000. We kindly request you to select the KOL you find most suitable. If there are additional funds beyond this amount, we propose utilizing them for engaging smaller KOLs from different geographic regions.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to your guidance in proceeding with this revised plan.

Best regards

I personally will not approve/vote for this proposal with that $4000 proposal that unfortunately include time constraints and waiting periods.
If you are running a legit business (marketing) and have personal problems that impact it, then i feel your business is unreliable as a whole.