HIP-2/Dec23Jan24 | Marketing Budget Allocation Addendum is scheduled for a vote!

:small_orange_diamond: HIP-2/Dec23Jan24 | Marketing Budget Allocation Addendum is scheduled for a vote! :small_orange_diamond:

Snapshot Time for the Vote:

First block after November 24, 23:59 UTC time.

Voting Period:

Voting starts: November 25, 00:00 UTC time
Voting ends: November 30, 23:59 UTC time

Agency Voting Addresses:

If you do not agree with the Proposed Formality Rules then vote by sending 0.1 HYDRA to

β†’ HHxxxxREJECTxFRMLTYxxxxxxxxxyHyH4c

Summary of Proposal:

  • Budget allocation for December 2023 and January 2024, for the four marketing agencies.
  • Introduction of the ICODA Marketing Agency
  • Introduction of the New Formality Rule.
  • Re-Admission of Cryptic Marketing Agency
  • Summary of Agency Activities has been shared with the community on 23rd November, 2023 in the previous period’s proposal post

Link to the Full Proposal:

Voting Procedure:

  1. Every DAO participant has a total 0.1 HYDRA available to vote with, which should be sent to the voting addresses of your favorite agencies.
  2. You can split your vote between the agencies per your liking by sending a split amount like 0.05, 0.03 and 0.02 (Total should amount to 0.1 Hydra) OR vote with 0.1 Hydra to allocate 100% budget to one Agency (Example shared here).
  3. The 0.1 HYDRA vote will map your entire voting weight (from the snapshot) proportionally to the agencies
  4. Note that the last set of votes that amount to the sum of 0.1 HYDRA counts, meaning that you can change your vote within the voting period.
  5. Transactions that Total above or below 0.1 HYDRA will not count.
  6. The exponentiating formula will apply as usual.

:small_blue_diamond: HIP-2 Dec23 Jan24|Marketing Campaigns Budget Allocation

Raw votes:

Atoz-PR β†’ 42.50%
Collibri Group β†’ 2.88%
Cryptic β†’ 4.19%
ICODA β†’ 50.43%

Adjusted votes:

Atoz-PR β†’ 36.60%
Collibri Group β†’ 7.23%
Cryptic β†’ 8.01%
ICODA β†’ 48.16%

Monthly Budget Allocation:

Atoz-PR β†’ $12,444
Collibri Group β†’ $2,459
Cryptic β†’ $2,723
ICODA β†’ $16,374

Formality Rule Rejections β€”> 0%