Vote for your Favorite Marketing Agency - December 23 / January 24

Hi Dmitry. I’ve watched some videos and reviewed the list of recent videos from all the proposed Koala, and I think Crypto Diary is the one to go. I do find that the expected engagement is very optimistic, but the channel contents, and the seriousness of his reviews are fully aligned with Hydra’s project.
I couldn’t say the same for most of the other options.

I hope you’re feeling better now.


Hello, thank you for your feedback. We understand your dissatisfaction but would like to point out that all previous commitments on our part have been fulfilled on time and at the highest level. We aim to optimally utilize the budget to achieve the best results. However, due to the current budget cuts and changes in the funding allocation model, we are forced to propose unconventional solutions to fulfill our obligations. We are ready to discuss these changes in more detail and explore possible options with you. Your understanding is important to us, and we strive to collaboratively find optimal solutions.

Thank you, we appreciate your feedback, we also think crypto Diary fits Hydra’s goals quite well. If there are no other opinions, we will select it and strengthen it with a few small KOLs

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Dear DAO community

First of all, our team wishes you a happy new year 2024, success and prosperity for Hydra and the community! Have a great time :christmas_tree:

We would also like to make a preliminary report for December and show what we have done. We published articles + tweets and made a video review. Since December was partly with holidays, we moved part of the work to January for greater efficiency. We will send you a new plan for January a little bit later. Please review our report for December 2023 :slight_smile:
December media report_AtoZ-PR_.pdf (99.6 KB)


Hello, HydraChain members!

Happy New Year! I hope that the coming year brings you much joy, success, and prosperity.

I would like to share with you the monthly report on our project’s activities for December. This includes highlights of our PR campaign, engagements with Twitter influencers, and the traffic campaign. You can view it at the following link

The plan for January will be sent to you shortly. Wishing everyone a productive month and a brilliant start to the new year! :sunrise_over_mountains:


Dear hydraChain members,

As all of our marketing campaigns have been moved to January, our team thought it was time to bring you some updates of our marketing campaign. All first post rolled out last January, 12th, you can view the post at Carso’s Calls channel on TG!
I hope everyone is ready for the AMA that is taking place tomorrow at the Coin Launch: Telegram: Contact @CoinLaunchAMA. During this AMA Hydra will be represented by the prominent VC Host: @VCAdam. Make sure to tune in and listen to their fruitfuil discussion about the Hydra platform and it’s interesting updates!

You can view our Strategic Market Campaign via the following link: Marketing Campaign - Hydra - Google Spreadsheets

Make sure to tune in during our two following AMA’s as well! Wishing all of you a fruitfuil month!

Kind regards,

the Cryptic Team

Dear DAO community

A small update on the December and January campaigns, as well as new ideas for the upcoming PR campaign

A few explanations on the media that we did in the offer earlier. There were 30 articles planned for December and January, including Twitter posts. You can see all the statistics at this link where we keep all the reports from the beginning of all PR campaigns Hydra Media offer - Google Sheets

Since we have already done tier 1 media in previous campaigns, we decided to experiment with the number of publications and citations in the search for articles due to popular keywords.

We are reading your feedback and based on this, we would like to suggest that instead of the remaining unpublished media, we publish in tier 1 media on

Here you can see the statistics of this media

I hope you like the alternative :slight_smile:

We are waiting for your comments and feedbacks

Good idea, focusing on bullet for one big bang insted of scattering on smaller channel which so far has not reap much return

Hello dear DAO! Given the budget constraints for our campaign, we strategically prioritized quality over quantity. Instead of expanding our outreach, we opted to pool resources and collaborate with higher-tier YouTubers, leveraging our established relationships for favorable discounts. Consequently, we secured three Tier 2 videos, exceeding our initial plan of two. This approach not only enhanced the content quality but also fostered a positive response within the YouTube community, effectively engaging a broader audience in our ecosystem. Report is here.

We remain committed to implementing the banner promotion prepared two month ago and are optimistic that the DAO’s increased support this month will grant us the necessary budget. With additional resources, we can enhance the quality of our services significantly. However, in the event that the DAO prefers a social media promotion strategy, we have a well-thought-out Plan B. Our alternative approach involves shifting our focus from YouTube videos to dynamic Telegram and Twitter communities, specifically targeting regions such as Korea, China, and Japan. These markets house robust crypto audiences actively participating in diverse projects, creating vibrant and engaged investor communities.

Hello, HydraChain community!

Our adjusted strategy involves leveraging a Partnership Campaign, Twitter influencers, and advertising on crypto websites aimed at attracting targeted traffic.

For our Partnership Campaign, we’re collaborating with AlphaGuilty, boasting 27k users, and Intract, with a user base of half a million, to draw new users to Hydra Chain. We’re also forming alliances with over 10 other communities, similar to the likes of Horizaio.

At this stage on Twitter, we will either use true DeFi influencers or traders. In the first scenario, we’ll discuss HydraChain as the next promising blockchain to join. In the second, we’ll focus on the token, its price, and its high growth potential.

Additionally, our Paid Advertising efforts on platforms like PolygonScan have brought in thousands of users from the crypto community. This multifaceted approach has proven highly effective in engaging a diverse audience including crypto enthusiasts, De-Fi users, arbitrageurs, holders, stakers, and speculators, significantly expanding Hydra Chain’s reach and impact in the crypto world.

Here you go with the detailed report.

Best regards, The ICODA Web3 Marketing Team


Dear Hydrochans

Check out the result and status of our work in the report. Some positions are in the process, this is what we plan to complete by the end of the month.

We have been discussing new ideas with the team to promote the Hydra community and would like to suggest some new ideas. Be sure to give your feedback

As we wrote earlier, the main scope of the work on articles and bloggers has already been done, this is a certain foundation for brand awareness. But now it is important to focus on expanding the community’s live participants and holders who contribute activity. My team and I have seen your discussions regarding new wallets and community holders and have tried to find solutions:

  1. Creating a telegram bot that includes specific actions of participants:

a. Subscribe to the telegram channel and Twitter
b. Download Hydra Wallet
c. For example, to have a minimum of $ 10-100 on the balance (we can come up with the amount)

d. We can add a gamification option, for example, some kind of game where the user played, received coins and exchanged them for Hydra (But the game option will be more expensive)

It is important to understand that all actions are monitored and verified by the bot and only if all conditions are completed then participants will receive a reward in the form of allocated Hydra from the prize pool. Thus, we will cordially eliminate bots and attract more participants who download the wallet and buy Hydra. Simple.

Here is an example of a bot, but this bot is more complicated in terms of functionality since there is a game etc. We suggest doing something similar. Telegram: Contact @community_bot

  1. If we are developing this bot, then we will collab with TOP KOL who will post a quest with a link + we also suggest trying the Shorts video campaign. Make 1-2 videos every day or according to a different schedule depending on the budget and post videos on the youtube channel about TOP wallets and stacking where Hydra will be enabled with a link to the quest (just example of the video). The audience coverage will be greater and the costs will be less than for bloggers.

  2. We also want to raise the level and try to fulfill your wishes and make a collaboration with a top blogger. We have already started negotiations, but large KOLs always have an individual price list, as they carefully select projects. The cost may be high, but if we convince and motivate them correctly, something may come of it. Alternatively, one of the bloggers with whom we are in touch

Total: telegram quest bot with concrete steps to increase Hydra participants and holders, shorts video campaign for ½ months to promote the quest, collaboration with a top blogger and reaching a new level. The offer will be adjusted depending on the allocated funds.

Share your opinion what do you think, is this plan inspiring? :slight_smile:
AtoZ_December _January PR report 2023_2024.pdf (141.9 KB)

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I like the idea of using a telegram bot for this. The game could be a simple knowledge challenge, where the participants would have to find the right answer for some details about the project. That way we would be indirectly promoting the website, while educating new users, who would gain more interest in the project, and all of this in exchange for some extra Hydra.
We could use this method to introduce newcomer’s to Hydra, Hydragon and staking/delegation

Dear Hydra DAO Community!

As the end of our December/January Strategic Marketing Campaign is nearing, we would like to present you all with our report on our Strategic Marketing Campaign. Our report will include statistics on the activities completed for the December/January Marketing Campaign together with the positive externalities these activities brought to the Hydra DAO Forum, and an overview of our ongoing activities/campaigns.
Our Strategic Marketing Campaign was focused on breaking new and unknown ground for the Hydra community, to enter the so-called ‘blue oceans’ for Hydra and thus achieve maximum positive returns on our modest marketing budget. The completed activities consist of the following Marketing Practices: AMA with @CoinlaunchLounge and Hydra Representative @VCAdam, A complete Project Review on YouTube delivered by crypto-enthusiast/expert @TylerHillinvesting, several Promos on Telegram and Twitter (X) from T1 Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and prominent Call Channels @CarsosCalls/@TylerHillYT/@Cryptic_Web3/@Crypto4GemsCalls/@CryptobeastGems/@bigbunnycrypto/@HypeGodCalls.

Hydra Proposal February,March.pdf (198.5 KB)

Please share your opinions on our tailored plan :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

the Cryptic Team