Vote for your Favorite Marketing Agency! - September 2023

Vote for your Favorite Marketing Agency! — September 2023

Place your vote for the monthly budget allocation of the three agencies that compete for providing services under the pre-approved Marketing DAO Framework!

  • Snapshot Time: August 31, 23:59 UTC time
  • Voting Start: September 1, 00:00 UTC time
  • Voting End: September 8, 23:59 UTC time (updated!)

The starting allocations that applied during the month of August were as follows:

  • Atoz-PR
    0.3529x of the total pool of $34,000 = $12,000
  • Collibri Group
    0.3529x of the total pool of $34,000 = $12,000
  • Cryptic
    0.2941x of the total pool of $34,000 = $10,000

For the month of September, the budget allocations will be decided by the DAO community, based on the on-chain voting results. For that purpose, simply vote for your favorite marketing agency by sending 0.1 HYDRA to the respective wallet address (during the voting period!):

  • Atoz-PR → HHxxxxATZxSEP23xxxxxxxxxxxxxxDqLm3
  • Collibri Group → HHxxxxCBRxSEP23xxxxxxxxxxxxy616iUa
  • Cryptic → HHxxxxCRYxSEP23xxxxxxxxxxxxxyToZ2y

Every DAO participant has 1 vote available, which should be casted to the voting address of your favorite agency. The 0.1 HYDRA vote will map your entire voting weight (from the snapshot) to the agency that you like best.

Important: Only your last vote within the voting period will count!

To trial the industry-first feature proposed and approved as part of the HydraGon upgrade, we will apply a 0.5 exponentiating factor on the wallet weights. This will ensure that the influence of whales will be reduced to stimulate a higher level of decentralization in the voting process.

Budget Allocation Calculation

The September budget for the marketing agencies will be based on the amount of votes they received, after adjusting with the 0.5 exponent. Let’s assume the results are as shown below:

Agency 1 — 2M HYDRA adjusted votes
Agency 2 — 0.5M HYDRA adjusted votes
Agency 3 — 0.1M HYDRA adjusted votes

Total: 2.6M HYDRA adjusted votes. This would translate into the following allocations:

  • Agency 1 would get 2/2.6 = 0.7692x new allocation → $26,153 budget
  • Agency 2 would get 0.5/2.6 = 0.1923x new allocation → $6,538 budget
  • Agency 3 would get 0.1/2.6 = 0.03846x new allocation → $1,308 budget

The ongoing monthly voting should be treated as a gauge which will stimulate competition among service providers in a similar way like staking incentives stimulate staking nodes to compete for higher performance and higher connectivity.

The prolonged exposure with predictable results for agencies should come as a stimulating factor for the ones who drop-out to do better and learn from the results of other agencies, and for the ones who perform best to reinforce their winning strategies.

The competitive environment should disproportionally attract agencies that are confident in their own capabilities, as strong results can very quickly yield significant returns.

Summary of Agency Activities

To help the community make an informed decision, we have published a detailed summary report about the activities that every agency performed during the month of August. We strongly recommend to go through that article before casting your vote, so that you have a clear overview of what was delivered in exchange for what was paid out. There has been a lot of activity throughout the month.

The summary article is here Marketing Campaigns Recap — August 2023 | by (LOC Token) Official Blog | Hydra Chain | Aug, 2023 | Medium !


Cryptic Twitter Campaign Report - August, 2023

Cryptic handled two twitter campaigns for HydraChain, one scheduled at the beggining of the month and the other at the end of the month.

We noticed an uptrend of volume on both times during the period of the campaign and some general interest shown in the project.

We believe the project has a vast and unique mainnet that in the current circumstances necessitates structured plans to strategically spread the word to the consumer who have a need for the products offered by HydraChain.

This will also push for it to be noticed by key players in the market who hold control in the market worth making an impact on the general investor to steer them to a certain product.

After understand Hydra’s product and its current situation Cryptic would like to suggest a tailored marketing solution for the HydraChain universe.

This includes services like Youtube videos, twitter campaigns, reddit posts, AMAs with bigger communities and more that will be explained in the program of the next month.

It is difficult to explain HydraChain universe in a single tweet or a single post so its smarter to strategically prepare a campaign that explains the benefits of your product across various platforms.

It was a pleasure to be able to talk to community members in the DAO and we’re looking to more interactions in the coming days and weeks!


Subject: HYDRA Promotion Update and Future Plans

Dear DAO,

We have finished the second stage of our HYDRA promotion. This month we focused on call-to-action, made a lot of posts with a high coverage on Twitter and Telegram which gained some awareness for HYDRA. We got 29 people participated in HYDRA TOKEN BUY contest, but only 21 people fully complied. As a result we chose 20 winners via randomizer and sent them prizes (you can see the list in the report).
We are still trying to figure out with Hydra team the ways of collaboration with to proceed the token exchange between the communities to increase the number of organic holders for both.

Next month we will be focusing on PR and brand awareness more by publishing native articles in different medias we are working with.
We also want to engage the developing teams we are working with in getting grants to develop or move their projects to Hydrachain to increase HYDRA holders.

We remain committed to HYDRA’s growth and success. Feel free to reach out for more information or questions.

Sincerely, Colibri Team

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Hi everyone!

We would like to share with our thoughts and ideas for september marketing campaign which we can discuss

First of all we would like to summarise the results of the advertising campaign and give some comments about the next PR strategy against the background of an unstable market.

According to the results of the first advertising campaign, work was done on brand awareness of Hydragon, native articles were published on trust media, + video review from a blogger, shilling of twitter posts, attracting new active users by quest that helps filter out bots. The work done by the scope allowed us to lay the first foundation for the recognition of the project and subsequently go to the top-level PR.

We believe that just publishing posts and video reviews is not bad, but creative ideas will work in a stagnant market, for example, as cooperation and PR with IBM (we are ready to continue to help with the PR strategy). Here is an example of news where we will try to do something similar:

Microsoft and Aptos Labs Bridge AI and Blockchain With New Partnership .

However, this is not so fast and requires considerable time, probably several months. Also we are thinking about cross-PR with projects that may be technologically suitable and bring value, we can also continue to focus on promoting a lively active community through quests, it is somewhat more expensive but filters the audience from unnecessary bots, writing native articles and publishing on cointelegraph and other tier 1 media and so on. Also we will collect good bloggers for making more video reviews about Hydragon. Our PR strategy will focus on creativity in an unstable market, such ideas will be an excellent information case for PR. We will make a brainstorm and write out a more detailed plan with ideas for the upcoming week.

Here’s our report for august
August-report-Hydragon.pdf.pdf (147.3 KB)

We are always in touch with you and happy to answer your questions in the DAO group or telegram community

Happy to receive feedback from you about our work and do more for Hydragon

Thank you for opportunity to work with you

Your Jedi from AtoZ-PR team


Hydra Marketing report 23.08.23-01.09.23.pdf (303.9 KB)

Hello @Dmitry @Nthony777 and @leocryptic

Do any of you have any plans to run surveys among respondents from any MR agency where the respondents are active crypto Holders / users? Maybe not in the current month, but well before HydraGon is launched. That would be a good place in my opinion to gauge interest from people with crypto knowledge as well as get some good data :slight_smile:

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Sure thing, we have a relationship with Market research agencies who ar specified in crypto and trading, but we need to understand a final metrics you guys want to know and what’s the final goal of it so we can deliver the information more correctly.

Yes sure it’s an option we can explore. Some factors can be a bit tricky to work with however it can be a starting point.

Hello @Dmitry and @Nthony777 could you please share the plans / agenda and budget allocations for your respective budgets for the month?

Would like to review them along with a few other DAO participants. Thank you!

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Guys sorry for the delay, this week has been very busy as we flew to the token2049 conference and are just now getting back. I will get back to you a little later with a plan, we are ready to get started tomorrow

Hi guys, here is our plan for September, which we are already starting to work on. We are launching an active Hydra shill on Twitter as a “hidden gem with strong fundamentals and low market cap”. On top of that, we will launch some youtube videos reviewing HYDRA with different geo for the rest of the budget

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Dear community

Pls check our marketing campaign for September. At the moment, we are waiting for confirmation of another YouTube blogger - he will be added to the list

We would like to try to expand the geography and attract more new community members through cooperation with KOL: YouTube, twitter KOL from different countries

The focus will be on the Hydra wallet review, staking and attracting new users

We will also make a native article on techtimes about advantages of Hydra wallet

Let me know if there are any questions

Thank you

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The question I have now is that it is already September 18th. Is it normal that marketing will be postponed until the end of the month

Greetings! We started pitching bloggers since last week, as they don’t all respond quickly, it took some time, but we have already put everything into operation and I think we will see the first results this week. We will do our best to publish all ASAP. Thank you

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Please don’t worry, we met the deadline. The timing was really great as there was a token growth of 30% or so while we were working on marketing. Full report will be in the next post.

Hello, team. Glad to talk to you again. We are glad to represent September campaign report for you all.
So first of all this month we tried to make every step of our campaign much different from previous month and we tried to make it as more unique as useful as it’s possible for our budget.
We created and pushed 2 kinds of campaigns simultaneously, which one is Twitter shilling and different GEO (Global, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, USA) Youtube review campaign to reach out as different audience as we can.

In terms of Twitter we have done a big amount of work by pushing replies related to Hydra ( you can check all the links by the attached doc) at TOP crypto accounts and reached the amount of 19220 replies in total. Trough the little airdrop we from our side we also make people follow on a Twitter, Telegram and significantly increased the average number of post views starting from June, which might make a great impact on investors and funds.

Also we created 7 video reviews for a different GEO while running a Twitter campaign due to that we also got a lot of comments and views under all of those reviews and since token were pumping all these days it was also a good impact on a final result of our work.

We hope you guys appreciate our work and efforts and could give us more budget for a next month to increase our marketing outreach since we wanted to set up some quality publishing in different crypto and financial media by writing some articles and mentions.
September report Hydrachain 21.09.23.pdf (4.7 MB)


Dear DAO community,

Please, check out the progress report for September. Everything was published successfully according to the deadline. Moreover, we tried to do more for the Hydra and therefore published another additional video integration from Solem and several Twitter posts from KOL.

In the October campaign, we would also continue to expand the Hydra community, as an idea, we can test and make posts in telegram channels in order to attract more traffic from those who are interested in the project. Again, the main message may be about staking or about the project has a lot of announcements ahead about the platform and that Hydra should be considered as a HODL coin. + new reviews from youtube KOL.

If we consider top media such as cointelegraph, we will try to agree with the author who will help us with this. But confirmation will most likely be this week. Also, we will always be able to pick up other top media from Tier 1 as an alternative. The focus will be on the upcoming HydraGon upgrade based on the presentation.

We will be grateful for your feedback

Thank you
September report Hydragon marketing (1).pdf (124.6 KB)


Hey @Nthony777 and @Dmitry ! hope you guys are doing well :slight_smile:

When sharing reports , let’s follow the below naming structure for the attachment file names so that the DAO members can instantly identify the company producing the report and the type of report.

For Campaign Progress Reports of completed / current month (Example September campaign completed):
Agency name_Progress Report_Month and Year_Hydra Chain.pdf or .xlsx

For Campaign Proposals for Next Month (Example: Plan for October)
Agency name_Campaign Proposal_Month and Year_Hydra Chain.pdf or .xlsx

Also, at the end of the Report if we can include the Agency name, that would be awesome :+1: Thank you!!


I really like your both effort @Nthony777 and @Dmitry. We do see an impact on volume and price movements. We see that Hydra attracts other people so just continue your work. I dont have any recommendations for you but I will be still follow your activities :slight_smile:


When we vote, since there are only two marketing agencies right now, could we also have the introduction of new agencies as well? Maybe a preliminary vote to determine which new agency to try, followed by the vote including the current two agencies plus the new agency we have chosen.

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