Marketing Strategy Proposal Hydra DOA - Cryptic Web3

Brief Introduction Of Our Team

Hi everyone, this isn’t the first time we’ve met, it only concerns another team member of the Cryptic Web3 company. So, let me briefly introduce myself in order to get familiar with one another. I’m Luc, joined the team last August, and I hold the position of COO. During my term, I was introduced to various projects, gained even more valuable knowledge, and played a supporting role during our transformation. My role within the team is very diverse, which keeps it challenging and exciting. I maintain relationships with our partners and clients, upgrade our fundamentals, and take care of internal communications. I have to admit that Hydra caught our attention from the start, mainly because of the passion they put into the project and the value they bring to their community. Hopefully, we will see you again in the future.

We are writing this proposal with the main reason that we have made the necessary changes in our fundamentals. We sincerely believe that we are now ready for Hydra and believe in our second chance to demonstrate our value to your project. We can transfer our valuable knowledge to your growth and development and want to contribute to your success.

Internal Self-Reflection

After our disqualification in September, as a consequence of our team members not putting enough effort into establishing the marketing strategy plan for Hydra, we realized we had to come up with a more holistic solution. After encountering more inconveniences with the relevant team member who was allocated to handle the Hydra case, we decided to split our ways. Our remaining team consisting of experienced, aspiring, and resilient marketers, has started working on our fundamentals through closed feedback loops. We have embraced this development and used it as a motivation to continue our constant development even more intensively.

Transforming our Business

Our internal transformation started with evaluating our value proposition, and indirectly our business model. Based on this upgraded value proposition, we thoroughly reviewed our fundamentals and made adjustments where necessary. We have put our new website online, which is more in line with the wishes and expectations of our clients. Improved our packages, which can now be tailored more efficiently to the needs of our clients, contain a greater degree of diversity which provides even more exposure, and we have entered into valuable partnerships that allow us to offer packages for even more services. We have also adjusted our visuals that contribute to our branding and positioning. The aforementioned mainly relates to the only side that is visible to the outside world, but the necessary steps have also been taken in our internal processes, which contributes even more to a seamless and valuable relationship with our customers. Our sales team has grown exponentially, our sales process has been redesigned and conventional, and even more partnerships have been created that have provided us with new insights into our business. With our new packages, we have contributed to the successes of new projects with which we continue to work and create value. Think of projects such as Exzo, SolarX, Tectum, Octavia and so on. Perhaps our biggest step is establishing promising relationships with several CEXs, such as Binance and MEXc. The aforementioned platforms concern credited players in the field and contribute to our professional image.

Renewed Marketing Strategy Plan Hydra

All these transformations have made us stronger than ever and we are determined to use this strength to contribute to the development and success of Hydra. With our experienced team and extensive knowledge, we have drawn up the following strategic plan for Hydra, which contributes to Hydra’s impact and visibility. The strategic marketing campaign contains the following elements; video series, strategic partnerships, community AMAs, press releases, and articles, each part has its own added value. Video series are uploaded by prominent YouTubers in which valuable information about Hydra is effectively presented to a wide audience. To boost Hydra’s credibility and garner significant attention, we announce strategic partnerships with other leading partners in the space. Community AMAs are a prominent way of building an active community while fostering organic growth. These AMAs will be conducted on influential platforms, amplifying their reach, it should be noted that these AMAs are conducted by eminent speakers who are completely independent of our company. Finally, we craft and disseminate compelling press releases and articles. These materials capture the attention of potential investors and facilitate direct engagement, encouraging sharing across various social channels. For the execution and budget allocation of our marketing strategy plan see the link attached below.

The diversity of our plan contributes to achieving maximum exposure, making Hydra globally recognized as a leading party. Promoting exposure in combination with active community engagement and management ensures a successful marketing campaign.