Marketing and promotional proposal to hydraDAO

It’s a potential project of HydraDAO, and let me introduce my self.

Hello greetings, good morning from here, I’m a marketing administrator of an influencer on X (Twitter) with over 1 million active followers include crypto and NFT. I don’t intend to disturb you sir, but I just wanna make some marketing offers​:pray::blush:

Here are the services we offer

:white_check_mark: Grow your community

:white_check_mark: Increase Your Followers
-Linkedin etc.

:white_check_mark: Subscribe

:white_check_mark: Increase the engagement of your posts, and make your hashtag trend

:white_check_mark: Increase your Reddit followers, upvotes on reddit post and comments

:white_check_mark: Increase like, upvote on Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, coinhunt and trend your crypto projects

:white_check_mark: Likes, and positive feedback on your project

Our audiences are all active & organic and no bots.

If you want to know further informations, please send us a message. Let me know if you’re interested and hoping that we can collaborate with you!
Thank you and have a nice day and always successful to HydraDAO :heart::innocent:

Thanks for the offer! We will keep you posted if we need further information.

Okay thank you sir/ma’am for your attention, we always waiting for the good news, hope can collaborate with you soon. Feel free to contact me everytime you need our services, thank you so much and have a good day :heart:

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