Marketing Proposal

Hello, good day!
I’m Saturdayhopes admin of Icona Marketing and several promotor on X/Twitter (300k-1,5m) followers . I have an offer to promote your project/community.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Grow your all social media (Twitter, Telegram, discord, YouTube etc)
  • Upvote Reddit, Blockfolio, Coingecko, CMC ,Coinhunt, Coin Sniper, etc.
  • App Download / Site Registration
  • Join Airdrop Campaign
  • Buy token task, mint task and more.

All of the above services are provided by real humans and no bot.
Let me know if you have question just by reply this message.
Hope that we can work together. Thank you

  • Admin Saturdayhopes

Reply for more information. Thanks