Marketing Proposal for HydraDAO

Hello, I really like all aspect of HydraDAO project. So, let me introduce myself. I’m marketing team of legit promoter with 200k-3M+ followers and have good engagements. Let me know if you need promotions/marketing!

We are offering all services that can be effective for you

:airplane:Get Upvotes on any site
:airplane:Telegram poll votes
:airplane:Tweeter poll votes
:airplane:CG & CMC good votes
:airplane:Dextool trust votes

:bell:Members & followers
:sparkles:Telegram and Discord Online members
:sparkles:Twitter followers & retweets
:sparkles:Telegram & Twitter Engagement
:sparkles: Subscriber YouTube
:sparkles: Instagram & Facebook followers

:bell: Watchlists:
:eagle:We offer CG/CMC Watchlists
:eagle:Crypto site Watchlists
:eagle:Cmc Blue tikets
:eagle:Cmc followers , comments & likes

:heavy_check_mark:Reddit CMS Trend
:heavy_check_mark:Twitter Trend in different countries
:heavy_check_mark:CMC Topic & Token Trend
:heavy_check_mark:CG/CMC most viewed section Trend,
:heavy_check_mark:PooCoin Trend :heavy_check_mark:Pinksale :heavy_check_mark:4Chan. :heavy_check_mark: CryptoCom Trend.
:heavy_check_mark:Bitcoin posts
:heavy_check_mark:Press Release on 300+ sites:

Looking forward to works with you! Always success for HydraDAO project. Tnx
:red_car:Check proof here

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