Creating a Linkedin and a Youtube channel

  1. Create a Linkedin account for the HydraChain project, as Locktrip and ChangeX are already active on Linkedin and provide posts such as reports and updates. It would be good if HydraChain was active on all social media like Twitter, Linkedin,Youtube,Reddit, Github, if we spend money from HydraDAO on marketing every month, it would make sense that we have no gaps and would benefit from all social platforms through marketing To get Twitter followers and new users in our Telegram group, it would make sense to get followers on Linkedin at the same time and expand our presence

  2. Creating a YouTube Channel It would be like point 1 that HydraChain is active on all platforms and benefits from marketing on all social media. You can create a YouTube channel for beginners and advanced users. Videos could be created on which platforms you can buy Hydra, how to create a node or use delegated stacking, how to use Lydra and what exactly Lydra is and make a video about all the topics you can find on https://locktrip.gitbook .io/ hydra-documentation/ maybe the YouTube videos would bring Hydra one step closer to success, it would also be good to compare blockchains with the HydraGon project, perhaps with other chains. It would be possible in the Hydra- Community to find a suitable person to do all this work as one department and we can hire a part-time YouTube videos employee as an employee who will be paid by HydraDAO


Excellent idea and long overdue. Didn’t realize Hydra didn’t have a linekedin or YT.

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I do like this idea. Specially the YT channel. Having control of the contents will ensure we’ll get all the facts right, and with the seriousness that the project needs.
I’m only worried about the internal resources needed to keep the new channels alive. Telegram is already self maintained with just some moderate intervention by the team members, but the official twitter was much harder to get it moving. I honestly believe it’s better to have no presence at certain channels than have a ghost and outdated profile.
So if we’re doing this, we need to keep things rolling


I agree that in order for it to work, it would need a dedicated manager / content producer. Especially explanatory videos will require some graphic design skills, which could be outsourced of course.

On the LinkedIn part I am not sure if it is worth the focus. Usually when it comes to social media, the best outcome is achieved when focusing energy + community on one or few platforms, as the network effect scales exponentially. So you would try to maximize the base and prevent dilution wherever possible


I think it would be a good deed to just register on Linkedin. The HydraChain team verifies on Linkedin on the website when new members join and click on the profile on Hristo Tenchev LinkedIn About Hristo Tenchev’s career path, there is no HydraChain co-founder, only in the information description . It’s the same with Florian Pfeiffner, only Locktrip is called Chief Communications Officer on Linkedin, which is already a thing of the past. Only Nikola Alexandrov can be seen in his career path that he is CEO & co-founder of HydraChain, but unfortunately HydraChain is not registered for that and you don’t have a picture of HydraChain and you don’t see all the developers and employees of the team. If you look at Hristo Tenchev’s career on LinkedIn, you can see that he is still employed at Locktrip and Sugerversa today. As an investor, I think it’s a shame to see that Hristo Tenchev is a co-founder of Locktrip and a board member of Sugerversa in his career, but the biggest project HydraChain is forgotten in the professional path. We want to recruit real companies that use our blockchain technology, and many of these Companies like Webjet, Softuni, Encorp,7thpillar, Locktrip, ChangeX, SugerVersa, Evedo, Fragmint, Xircus, all of these projects use Linkedin, which are or will soon be in the ecosystem at HydraChain must prove that it is a next generation L1 blockchain for mass use in blockchain technology. HydraGon must become the pinnacle of blockchain technology


Definitely a Professional “Must-Have”!!


I would agree with you here. Many professionals in the traditional industries outside of crypto look there.


Highly agree! I came to the community from staking on a CEX, via the lead in a youtube video from a random crypto youtuber… A dedicated authorised channel and content would be great PR, and maybe do tie-in videos with known reputable crypto channels/creators? And LinkedIn sounds good too…
BTW How do we vote for this proposal?? Sorry if it’s a foolish question, I’m newish here on the DAO, am on the hydra telegram channel though, and delegate via hydradex…


Growing and maintaining an official YouTube channel with accurate information is a lot of work, but if done correctly would need a dedicated experienced person to continuously post updates and explanations of everything happening so that the channel could be a reliable source of information. I’m in favor for using the marketing fund to finance this :+1:t5:


Great suggestion @HydraSuperMan

LinkedIn. It seems that supporting another social network won’t be that difficult since the content already exists (for Twitter, Telegram), and publishing it on LinkedIn would provide greater reach.
Example 1 - Avalanche | LinkedIn
Example 2 - Klaytn Foundation | LinkedIn

YouTube. Excellent idea. Tutorial videos, promo videos, AMA sessions, developer videos, and much more. Check out some examples from Solana, Over Protocol.

If LinkedIn, in my opinion, does not require serious time investments, YouTube does. Therefore, one way or another, the team needs to decide how worthwhile it is to do this now. But idea is great :wink:


Very good idea. If the team currently doesn’t have resourses to maintain many differents platforms may be is good to use some automation - for example when you post article to Medium, this to be distributed to Linkedin automatically. @planetoid Specially for Linkedin i can help with the administration of the page - reposting, etc…