Vote for your Favorite Marketing Agency — October/November 2023

Dear Hydra community,

First of all, we want to thank you for your feedback and support during all campaigns.

Also, we would like to summarize the October and November campaigns.

A large number of bloggers on the one hand allowed us to make a wide geo coverage, on the other hand, more organizational work was added + several feedback from the community helped us to remove ineffective bloggers + we got from you some new bloggers with whom we started working.

In the DAO community, we received feedback that quantity does not mean quality and after that we will focus only on tier 1 bloggers, but with greater coverage, where bloggers do better project analysis. Since we didn’t have time to publish everything before November 24, we will take this nuance into account and will fix it for the next campaigns.

Some thoughts and ideas for next campaigns:

  1. Today we have come to the fact that we already have a critical mass of video reviews from various bloggers. And as was mentioned, for next campaigns we will focus only on youtube/twitter KOL (Tier1).

  2. We would suggest testing the placement of posts in telegram groups in the new campaign. Now we are already making a selection of channels.

  3. We can also try posting articles for traffic on a regular basis.

It’s like an idea: / 30 articles within two months

Each article will be sent to the DAO Times subscriber base (about 500)

Each article will be shared via the Twitter of this media and the Twitter of their founder

There will be such an announcement or similar on the main page


Each article will be reposted / with getting into all these feeds

Mobile App Headlines News

Most of the articles will compare the Hydra project with the leading cryptocurrencies in order to also get into the most popular news feeds on Coinmarketcap, which are tracked by most traders.

For example, a comparison with Bitcoin will allow you to get into this news feed:

Minuses: since there will be a large flow of articles, we will not be able to regularly check the draft before publication

  1. As suggested earlier, but it will rather concern January, we would make a video with AI technologies. Shorts video - for mass distribution. For tier 1 KOL - We will entrust the video reviews, and the AI in the Shorts video format will take over the mass videos of wide coverage.

Briefly about the offer for December and January:

  1. Youtube, twitter KOL Tier 1 only
  2. Daily articles with frequent mention
  3. Posts in telegram public
  4. Creating and pushing Shorts video AI (by the end of december or in january)

Let us know your thoughts


AtoZ-PR team
October marketing campaign report_AtoZ-PR.pdf (114.0 KB)
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