HIP-4 | Whitelisting Project Sugarverse

:small_orange_diamond: Hydra Improvement Proposal 4 (HIP-4) is scheduled for a vote! :small_orange_diamond:

Snapshot Time for the Vote:

First block after July 6, 12:00 UTC time.

Voting Period:

Voting starts: July 6, 12:00 UTC time
Voting ends: July 13, 12:00 UTC time

Voting Addresses:

YES β†’ HHxxxxYEAxPN4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxvEPknF
NO β†’ HHxxxxNAYxPN4xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxtwmPdH

Threshold for Approval:

51% approval rate

Summary of Proposal:

  • Sugarverse to become a whitelisted project within the Hydra community (eligible for official Telegram and Twitter mentions, getting listed in the projects section of the website and being included in the default token list on the Hydra DEX)
  • Exclusive seed round allocation to the Hydra community for a limited $150k - at the price of $0.0008 per token
  • Lockup period of 6 months, followed by a 12-month linear vesting phase
  • 25% of the raised funds will be deployed as liquidity into the Hydra DEX
  • Hydra EVM to be integrated into the Sugarverse ecosystem
  • The Sugarverse to become accessible directly from the Hydra chain (after the HydraGon launch)

Link to the Full Proposal:

Voting Procedure:

0.1 HYDRA sent to any of the two addresses above will credit your entire snapshot weight to the respective side. Note that the last transaction counts, meaning that you can change your vote within the voting period. Transactions above or below 0.1 HYDRA will not count.