Sugarverse Seed Round Dedicated Allocation for Hydra Community

:lollipop: Sugarverse is a Gamefi ecosystem with 7 planets and 7 mobile casual games. We are revolutionising the web3, mobile & web gaming industry with a self-sustaining Play & Earn economy within the metaverse.

:rocket: Gaming studio & publisher with an existing ecosystem of 60 million players | 10 mobile games already live | 100,000+ DAU | 15+ years experience in creating games. Our SDK is designed for game studios to monetize without ads.

:person_in_tuxedo: Previous Projects: Animal Concerts (Web3), JKL Capital (VC), Printt (Web2), Codery (Web2), SoftUni (Web2), XS Software (Web2)

:chocolate_bar: Partnerships: We remove entry barriers to web3 for confectionery brands (e.g., Mars, Haribo, Toblerone, Cadbury) to enter the metaverse and build apps, allowing their customers to get NFT/$CNDY rewards by scanning candy bars.

:moneybag: Economy: Token Supply/Demand is at equilibrium at just 2,000 Daily Active Users due to a circular economy with winners/losers. Spin to Win mechanics multiply winners’ rewards up to x1,000 times, 1v1v1 multiplayer prizes are up to $100,000!

:person_in_tuxedo: Top Management:

• CEO Nikolay Mitev: Crypto investor, expert in blockchain, Mathematical modelling expert for gambling industry.

• COO Philip Balkanski: co-founded Codery & Printt (450k active customers in the UK)

• XS Software founder Hristo Tenchev: Forbes 30 Under 30, co-founded HydraChain, LockTrip, SoftUni (300k users combined)

• Head of Investor relations Peter Tsang: Founding team of Animal Concerts, Director of Investment JKL Capital

:person_in_tuxedo::woman_office_worker: Members of our star team worked in Gameloft & Crazy Labs, and collaborated with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nike, Adidas, Red Bull. Our joint venture partner XS Software developed 10+ games in 30 languages and attracted 60 million players: see Lady Popular (35M players) & Khan Wars (25M players).

:white_check_mark: Won BNB Game Jam among 300 game projects
:white_check_mark: Chosen to take part in the BNB European Innovation Incubator among 700 projects
:white_check_mark: Won Game On! 2022 Pitch Competition among 36 startups
:white_check_mark: Launchpads onboard BSCStation, Kingdomstarter, Zelwin + in talks with GameFi and Red Kite
:white_check_mark: Partner with YGG SEA, IBC Group, Unix Gaming, Morfyus League, Skill Labs, Gafin, Myria, Shorroq Partners, Simplio, Sakaba, Owned, PlanckX and more
:white_check_mark: Featured in 100+ media partners (BeInCrypto, Yahoo, TechRound)
:white_check_mark: Lead M&A Vestin Capital

:white_check_mark: Secured $4 million in Equity
:white_check_mark: $94k Angel round filled
:white_check_mark: $420k Launchpad round filled
:white_check_mark: $350k form $500k Seed round filled
:hourglass_flowing_sand:Public round starts in the end of June/beginning of July.

:books: Deck: DocSend
:books: Tokenomics: DocSend
:books: Token Vesting: DocSend

:video_game: First game Alpha Sugar Match Link for Apple: Join the Sugarverse: Sugar Match PvP beta - TestFlight - Apple
:video_game: First game Alpha Sugar Match Link for Android: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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:globe_with_meridians: Telegram Chat: Telegram: Contact @Sugarverse_Official
:globe_with_meridians: Medium: Sugarverse – Medium

Following closely the HydraGon’s approval, our team would be delighted to allocate a dedicated ticket in our seed round.

We believe this will be a strong fundament for growing Sugarverse and Hydra into a joint partnership that generates liquidity, positive gaming experience and the overall adoption on both ends.

Summary of the proposal:

  • Sugarverse to become a whitelisted project within the Hydra community (eligible for official Telegram and Twitter mentions, getting listed in the projects section of the website and being included in the default token list on the Hydra DEX)
  • Exclusive seed round allocation to the Hydra community for a limited $150k - at the price of $0.0008 per token
  • Lockup period of 6 months, followed by a 12-month linear vesting phase
  • 25% of the raised funds will be deployed as liquidity into the Hydra DEX
  • Hydra EVM to be integrated into the Sugarverse ecosystem
  • The Sugarverse to become accessible directly from the Hydra chain (after the HydraGon launch)

The subscription execution to be made via a deployed smart contract, which would automatically track and govern vesting terms and would allow for manual permissionless claiming of the tokens.


So, does the proposal ask for any funding or is it just to be whitelisted?

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If Sugarversa becomes a multi-chain project, there will still be a big focus that many or most transactions will go through the HydraChain


What is the benefit of sugarverse expanding to the hydragon chain? How will sugarverse bring more transactions to the chain?

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We are offering $150k spot limited for the Hydra community. If the proposal passes, yes there will be funding stage.

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Blockchain gaming activity accounts for around 50% of blockchain transactions. Until now GameFi projects are one of the main engines for the blockchain activity, so we believe Hydrachain will also benefit from our partnership. As a web2 gaming studio we have multiple games with tens of millions of players, and our aim is to bring millions of users to our Free-to-Play mode in our web3 games. Even a small % of those players to be converted to web3 users will add thousands of users to the network.

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I mean is Suragverse asking for funding from Hydra. I guest that would full under grants-proposals.

This is not a request for grant, it is a request for whitelisting and pitching via the main community channels so that all Hydra members can learn about the project. If the dedicated seed allocation is approved by the DAO, we will provide the participation info via Telegram and also here and every member will be able to make a decision at his/her own discretion.

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How is the progress coming along

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Subject: Exciting Updates and Investment Opportunity for Hydra Community in Sugarverse

We are thrilled to share some exciting updates regarding Sugarverse and to rekindle our discussion about the partnership with the Hydra community.

  1. Refined Focus:

Based on careful consideration and community input, we’ve refocused our strategy to concentrate exclusively on the mobile casual games ecosystem. This shift allows us to streamline our efforts and deliver exceptional experiences in a space where we believe we can truly shine.

  1. New Tokenomics:

We’ve revisited our tokenomics to align them more closely with community expectations. The revised structure includes friendlier vesting schedules, with initial tokens accessible right from the Token Generation Event (TGE).
You can check here: DocSend

  1. Updated Deck:

We’ve revamped our presentation deck to offer a clearer and more compelling overview of Sugarverse. The new deck incorporates feedback and provides a comprehensive insight into our vision, mission, and the growth potential we see ahead.

You can check here: DocSend

  1. Website, Roadmap, and Whitepaper Updates:

Our online presence has undergone significant enhancements. The Sugarverse website, roadmap, and whitepaper have all been updated to reflect the latest developments and to offer a more engaging and informative experience.


  1. Tezos Grant:

We are proud to announce that Sugarverse has secured a grant from Tezos amounting to $300,000. This not only serves as a testament to the potential seen in our project but also demonstrates our commitment to furthering the adoption of Web3 technologies and helps us scale our operations.

We are gonna start our first game - Sugar Match game on Tezos and later on add Hydra and other networks. Rest of the games we don’t have any blockchain with premium rights.
However we can start from the beginning multichain and we can provide liquidity on the Hydra DEX and the token on the Hydra network to be liquid and listed.

  1. Change of Launchpads:

After careful consideration, we’ve decided to partner with Launchpads that align more closely with our vision. Sugarverse will now be launching on Poolz, BSCStation, Kingdomstarter, and Openpad. We believe this strategic shift will enhance the exposure and accessibility of Sugarverse to a broader audience.

We are keen to restart discussions about the proposed partnership with the Hydra community.

Our proposal remains as follows:

Whitelisting in Hydra Community:

  • Sugarverse to become a whitelisted project within the Hydra community, enjoying official mentions on Telegram and Twitter, listing on the Hydra website, and inclusion in the default token list on the Hydra DEX.

Exclusive Seed Round Allocation:

  • A dedicated allocation for the Hydra community in our seed round, capped at $150,000 and priced at $0.0008 per token. New vesting schedule with 10% received at TGE, lockup period 6 months, followed by a 12-month linear vesting phase for the rest 90% of the tokens.

Liquidity Deployment:

  • 25% of the raised funds will be deployed as liquidity into the Hydra DEX, enhancing the liquidity pool for the community.

Integration of Hydra EVM:

  • Sugarverse is committed to integrating Hydra’s EVM into our ecosystem, fostering collaboration between the two communities.

Direct Accessibility from Hydra Chain:

  • Following the HydraGon launch, Sugarverse will be directly accessible from the Hydra chain, creating a seamless connection between our two projects.

We are enthusiastic about the potential synergies that can emerge from a partnership between Sugarverse and the Hydra community. We believe that this collaboration can drive liquidity, positive gaming experiences, and overall adoption on both ends.


Gaming and daily transactions do go hand-in-hand. Mostly speaking from my own gaming (specifically defi gaming lol). Sugarverse will be a nice addition and i am excited to experience it. Go Hydra!!