Hydra Integration into Chainspect blockchain analytics platform

Hi Hydra Community!

We are the Chainspect team and we would like to offer you the integration of Hydra chain into our analytics platform.

About Chainspect

Chainspect stands as a dedicated blockchain analytics platform, emphasizing technical metrics. As the leading TPS Tracker on the market, we aim to evolve into the foremost platform for fundamental blockchain analysis. Currently, we serve over 300 crypto investors and dApp developers daily, experiencing robust growth over the past three months.

Listing process
Our listing process is straightforward. Our team has extensive experience with diverse chains, including EVM/Substrate ones. Chainspect manages the integration entirely, requiring only a reliable endpoint to connect to your network and information on system/voting transactions. This approach ensures the inclusion of valid transactions, fostering fair comparisons between blockchains. For instance, in the case of Solana, we exclude “voting” transactions tied to their custom consensus mechanism.

Normally, integration takes less than a week. Once integration is done we can do a joint announcement to let our communities know about the integration.

Currently, we charge only $599 as a one-time payment (which can be paid in your native token).

This one-time fee covers the development work required to integrate your chain into the platform, including a deep dive into your transaction structure to enable a fair comparison of your network with other already listed chains.

Additionally, this one-time fee guarantees that your network receives continuous updates featuring the latest metrics integrated into Chainspect. In the coming weeks, we are set to introduce the Nakamoto Coefficient and Max Theoretical TPS.

Let us know what you think :raised_hands:


There seems to be a problem with the link provided. It throws me an error when I try to access: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.
Could you check it?

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Yep, there was a problem with the post’s markdown. Now it should work (https://chainspect.app/)


I think this as potential to work as a marketing tool, specially after Prometheus, and expecting Hydra to be on the top 2 of the list.

It would be great if we could have access to recent data about traffic/access figures related with the Chainspect app and website


Hello Elijah! just wanted to confirm on your last statement. Later once you introduce Max Theoretical TPS and the NC, everything is covered in the initial one time fee correct?



We use PostHog to track user activity and related metrics. Below are 2 screenshots from it, showing WAU (Weekly Active Users) for the past 30 days and 90 days. It is worth noting that we had periods of higher activity (~700 daily users) around the end of the year due to partnerships with big chains (e.g. BNB Chain, Starknet, IoTeX).

Let me know if you have questions :raised_hands:


And here is the second screenshot


Hi David!

Yes, that’s correct. All future metrics and new features (including Max Theoretical TPS and the NC) will be applied to Hydra automatically, at no extra cost.


ok nice. so personally I think we can get this going after Hydra Chain’s migration.

@Elijah_Chainspect for context, Hydra Chain is migrating from a UTXO based blockchain to an EVM blockchain within the next few months. Since it will be a fundamental shift in the tech it would make sense to build it then :+1:


Nice feature that could give us more exposure. The dasboard will be more something for after the migration to Hydragon of course. Given the expectations of Hydragon and also Prometheus, I would like to see us in the top 5 though.

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Thanks for providing the context!
Yes, it sounds like the right step forward, as EVM becomes more of a standard in the blockchain space.

We will monitor the development of the Hydra closely and return to you after the upgrade.


I was going to suggest the same as my fellow community comrades. We would love to explore your proposal once you are back after the migration. Cheers!