Integration with Exodus Wallet

We propose the integration of Hydrachain with Exodus wallet to expand accessibility and drive user adoption. This integration will leverage the strengths of both platforms to offer a seamless user experience, secure storage, and convenient transactions, it should also expand community engagement and drive growth within the community.

Some benefits off the bat:

  1. User Experience: By integrating Hydrachain with the Exodus wallet, user experience will be improved by providing a user-friendly interface. Users will enjoy a streamlined process for accessing, storing, and interacting with Hydrachain tokens, making it easier for both newcomers and experienced crypto enthusiasts to engage with the Hydrachain ecosystem.

  2. Security and Privacy: The integration will prioritize security measures and privacy features to ensure the safety of users’ assets and data. The Exodus wallet’s proven track record in secure storage will be combined with Hydrachain’s advanced protocols, creating a trusted environment for users to transact and store their tokens. This will also serve as an additional option for mid to long term storage instead of the single current option of storage on the Hydrachain mobile wallet.

  3. Community Benefits: The integration with the Exodus wallet will foster community engagement and participation. By enabling a broader audience to easily access and interact with Hydrachain through the widely adopted Exodus wallet, we will empower and encourage users to become active participants in the Hydrachain ecosystem. This accessibility will incentivize greater involvement, collaboration, and innovation within the community.

  4. Growth Potential: The integration holds significant growth potential for Hydrachain. By leveraging the popularity and user base of the Exodus wallet, we can attract new users to Hydrachain, expanding its reach and driving adoption. Similarly, Hydrachain’s unique features, will enhance the value proposition of the Exodus wallet, attracting crypto enthusiasts seeking different opportunities.

This will serve as another fiat on-ramp to purchase Hydra and other tokens currently on the Hydrachain network.


It’s a good idea but I see 2 big problems :

From their website i looked at the requirements and we do not qualify :

  1. Does the asset have extensive documentation and readily available developer resources?
    -Hydra in current form has some documentation, but not extensive, it’s hard to develop on current version. We ( StrayPet ) tried to develop something but the documentation is not there . On HydraGon will be different i think/hope

  2. The biggest one :
    Market-cap and 24-hr volumes are considered. ‘Top 50’ or perceived potential to enter the ‘top 50’ assets by market cap (Top 100 for Ethereum assets). Community popularity, both internally in the Exodus community, and worldwide.


Agreed. Although it’s not a bad idea, we could probably look at this option again after HydraGon and on-chain activity picks up


Could a conversation be started with the Exodus team now, for when volume does pick up?

So essentially work on developing ways to increase daily volumes. Hmm maybe I can work and type up a mock proposal on a few different ways to do that. What category do you think that should be listed in?

Not entirely sure. I can try to reach out to customer service or find some other connects but not entirely sure at the moment.

As Adi wrote, actually it would not be worth trying according trading vol and options for their devs to do that task … after HydraGon, it is a different point of view.
But of course, contact to Exodus team can already be made, so that they can decide faster after HydraGon.

But generally, I would support this topic!