Visual/Design aspects of Hydra project

Draft proposal for eliminating bad public sentiment and changing it for the better.

The scope of this proposal is about the visual aspects of Hydrachain. IE The marketing, the design of official websites, including the DEX, Pools, Analytics page, Homepage, Logo, Wallet, perhaps even Project name. Any visual aspect, as long as it is relatively easily doable and not vetoed by the team.

With today’s competition, if Hydrachain is to become successful, design/likability will have to improve just as the performance. I believe it’s in all our interest to make changes catering to the public (new investors and developers). Even if our personal opinions may differ.

A survey was made: I recently made a small survey amongst friends of friends, about the current (9/2023) Hydra design: DEX, Homepage and Logo.
One open-ended question was asked: “As a crypto investor how do you feel about this design?”.
The results were unfortunately conclusively negative. 0-15. The results indicate that the design is a big bottleneck for the project.
Big companies continuously do product and branding perception surveys and so could we with the help of the DAO.

Instead of making a complex/unpragmatic step by step structure for measuring sentiment and making visual changes. I suggest the simplest solution possible:

  1. DAO members who experience negative feelings about any visual aspect of Hydrachain can post their comment and supporting surveys here. The more comments and surveys provided (perhaps a certain threshold?), the higher the chance of triggering a vote.
    If gathered surveys are conclusively negative and numerous enough, a chain vote is triggered for change Y/N. The vote must be respected by the team, who will initiate step 2.

  2. The mode of change. Since every situation is unique, this step is open for the team to decide. For example, they can make any changes they see fit themselves, they may start a competition or poll, etc. The change always runs the risk of being rejected again in step 1, so it’s for the best if the change is widely accepted.

This draft proposal is up for discussion and hopefully editing by the team. As long as the purpose is fulfilled and acceptable for the team and the DAO.

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I actually like the logo a lot and think branding and UI is on par with most other popular blockchain projects. I honestly think innovation in the form of utility as the team is already doing wonderfully, will far exceed any benefits we will see from a logo and graphics overhaul. Graphics and the “Look” is highly subjective and will never fit everyone’s specific vision, but as a graphic designer myself I am quite impressed with the quality of Hydrachain UI and logo compared to most projects.


My survey results round 1:

  1. ugly, not so professional. in Finance field people would like sth look professional and trustworthy
  2. looks like casino, logo has many details, dragon should be simplifỉed
  3. old web, looks like style 2012, looks cheap
  4. looks art, looks like snake
  5. The logo is complicated and hard to remember especially in small size (such as icon). Plus, looking at this design alone, I can’t associate it with a tech company.
  6. The design is too much I think. Why dragons hahaha. Dragons are associated with China. What’s the message for this crypto? Ohh hydra. I heard about them. Tbh all cryptos are scams. I lost about 80k in there last year. I’d say stay away from them
  7. Im not a crypto investor but I’ll definitely not gonna invest on something with that logo. It looks scary. I may be someone who does things recklessly sometimes, but I will definitely think twice when I encounter this one.
  8. I think 2023 / 2024 will be the time to crypto up again. Actually I never see this symbol/logo. The founders maybe are marvel fans. in Marvel’s movies and comics Hydra is a kind of super villain group.
  9. “The logo makes me feel uncertain about investing.” - Carla
  10. It looks very normal but if I look deeper it looks ghostly, hypnotic.Snake and black are not for luck.
  11. For now, the logo or the design is not interesting. - crypto investor.
  12. It’s a scam. Not trusted, especially those demonic logos. -crypto investor
  13. As an investor, I can’t see the credibility of this logo in my point of view :grin: Is not suitable for millions :rofl:
  14. No creativity.
  15. Hydra is very well know marketplace to sale drugs and weapons… so just the name - will make me feel not so good :sweat_smile:

Sounds like a nice bunch of people there :joy:

They are the random public representing potential future investors and devs. If you want your own design which only you like maybe you can open a myspace page or get a tattoo?

I believe that a new website is in the works. However I feel pretty strongly that the logo should not be changed. Changing a logo is sign of an identity crisis and until Hydra is much larger we cannot afford that lack of credibility.

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